Saturday, April 9, 2011


Yesterday was my last day teaching for three weeks, and though I'm THRILLED to have the time off for the wedding and honeymoon, I'm going to miss my little ones like crazy. They're all convinced that I'm going to have a baby soon because "That's what you do when you get married" but as I tell them all the time, I have 180 children at the moment- why on earth would I need any more?

Last night, my students' work was displayed in an Anti-Violence Art Show along with the works of a few other YWCA afterschool programs at the NY Aquarium. I adore my students and I love my job, but admittedly, the areas that the YWCA serves are under-served in many ways, and violence is a very real part of growing up in Coney Island, Brownsville and some of the other rougher parts of Brooklyn. Under the guidance of my colleague Erin Welsh, the kids created artwork that reflected how they felt about the violence that surrounds them, and what they hope for their futures. Words cannot express how proud I am of my accomplished, intelligent and talented students.

The Mandala created by my students!

One of my super talented dance students.

My co-worker Leigh (Drama) and myself (Dance) with some of our awesome students!

One of the gorgeous murals- a gun shooting doves with the Coney Island beach in the background.

Erin (Art), Leigh (Drama) and myself (Dance)- united by our mutual love for this awesome group of kids.

Holy Moly, frienders. I'm getting married in a week! Time is FLYING BY! Read about how Joe and I met and meet our adorable wedding party here.

So excited to see my sisters/ maids of honor! Courtney on the left, me in the middle, Kieren on the right!

My seester Kieren aka Kinzie, K-Mac-Attack and Fupa (we have really sweet nicknames for each other) will be at my apartment in T-minus 4 hours and we're driving upstate tomorrow AM- I can't wait for the festivities to begin! Here's what the week looks like (partially because I know you NEED to know all these details, and also because I really NEED to type this all out...)  

Sunday- Drive upstate with my sister- dance class and then family dinner!

Monday- Work on Bridesmaid Gifts and decorations- go on a hike with other sister- another family dinner? Yes, please! :) Final dress fittings with mi madre- have I mentioned how amazing she is? She's altering my gown, altering my sisters' dresses and MAKING 11 vests for our groomsmen and Joe.

Tuesday- Joe, Groomsman Steve and Joe's Parents arrive! YAY!

Wednesday- Groomsmen Alessio and Christian arrive, along with Bridesmaid Kira? Do big grocery shopping trip (we're catering ourselves because we're crazy) and go to Cappies for dinner or lunch (one of my absolute favorite warm weather spots- this place reminds me of my childhood). Evening photo shoot with my homegirl Monica from MoDeZinz Photography and Design (she shot our engagement photos)- we're doing a theatrical shoot for her upcoming photo series about LOVE and what makes couples unique! :)

Thursday- Bridesmaids Corey and Inga arrive, along with Groomsmen Chris and Jason... Last minute craziness during the day and then bachelor/ bachelorette fun in the evening!

Friday- Setup/ Cleanup Day! We're getting married at The Glove Theatre, and I'm pretty sure we're the first wedding they've ever done, so we'll be figuring stuff out as we go- that's how I roll! :) Friday afternoon- rehearsal. Friday evening- rehearsal dinner. Later that evening- HOT TUB PARTY! Oh. Yeah.


Sunday- Back to NYC

Monday- Leave for HONEYMOON!

I am bursting at the seams with excitement! Sorry this blog has been wedding-mania lately- I promise to get back to sweating and clean eating ASAP! :)

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I miss you!

Dear Blog Friends,

I miss you. A lot. I miss reading about your lives, and what you're eating, and how you're kicking your butts at the gym. I miss sharing ridiculously mundane details about my day with you. But HOLY. MOLY. have I been busy! 

I'm getting married in 11 days! AGGGHHH!!!

We're excited! But this wedding shenanigans is time consuming! I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off!

The past week has also been busy in general. Mind the Art Entertainment (my entertainment company) hosted a successful benefit for our current play, The Timing of a Day

Our Executive Board- From L to R- Joe (my fiance)- Head of the Acting Division, Ashley C. Williams- Vice President, Ariana Paganetti- Projects Manager, Me (I didn't wear Converse the ENTIRE evening- promise!)- Secretary of the Board and Head of PR and Non-Profit Relations, Joe Reese- Financial Officer, David Williams- Head of Poetry Division and Chairman of the Board, Christian DeGre- Artistic Director and President and Alessio Cappelletti- Head of Filmmaking. Most of these guys have been my colleagues and close friends since we arrived as fresh-faced acting students at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in 2004- we now run a successful entertainment company- crazy!

The weather was so gorgeous on Sunday that Joe and I squeezed in a playdate at the beach! 

Last night, some of my Community Word Project students from the Bronx performed at the Annual Benefit. I picked them up from school and we spent the afternoon hanging out, eating pizza and rehearsing. 

Aren't they precious?

They made me SOOOO proud! 

My stomach has been KILLING me the past few days (a stress/ nerves/ food poisoning combo, I think), but I'm PSYCHED to get back to the gym tonight... My legs are CRAVING a good run... I'll probably throw some kettlebells around too... I'm starting to feel a little wussy, and I'm NOT liking it! :)

What does your Tuesday look like?

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