Saturday, March 10, 2012

Come see my show!

aka... the thing that's keeping me from blogging AT ALL. Trust me. It's worth it. And I'll be back in two weeks with an "OH CRAP, I HAVEN'T BEEN TRAINING FOR MY TOUGH MUDDER AND ITS HAPPENING IN A MONTH" series. 

The ALTRUISTS by Nicky Silver

Directed by Josh Penzell

March 22-25

(2 or 5 trains to Flatbush Ave/ Brooklyn College, Q train to Avenue H)

Thursday-Saturday 7:30p

Saturday & Sunday 2p

$6 Students

$12 Seniors

$15 General Admission

Jeremiah Maestas
Keelie A. Sheridan
Dennis O'Leary
Ana Bell
Django Palty

Stage Manager- Gretchen Van Lente
Assistant Stage Manager- Walter Petryk
Set Designer- Nikki Cammack
Costume Designer- Paihsin Shih
Music/ Sound Designer- Tommy Cormier
Lighting Design- Jacob Vogelman
Dramaturg- Molly Marinik

Assistant Set/ Props- Leigh Ann Ryklin
Assistant Set- Hyun Jung Kim
Assistant Costume- Sojin Han
Assistant Costume- Christopher Cancel
Assistant Lighting- Isaac Winston
Assistant Lighting- Jordan Acosta

Tickets Available At:

The Altruists focuses on a passionate (if sometimes eccentric and misguided) group of young radicals, who protest and march for anything and everything that can be protested or marched for. Their morality is put to the test when the group leader's prescription-pill-popping-soap-opera-star girlfriend, Sydney's actions thrust them into dire circumstances. 

I'm playing said prescription-pill-popping-soap-opera-star, Sydney. She's probably my favorite role to date. It's a massive part with some intimidatingly long monologues, but I'm really, really enjoying exploring her. 

I don't want to say too much and ruin the surprise, but I'm dying to share some of the fun we've been having... Want a sneak peak?

Meet Gretchen- the coolest Stage Manager on earth.

And her trusty sidekick, Walter- the coolest Assistant Stage Manager that ever did live. 

Director Josh Penzell (far right) working his magic in the rehearsal room with the cast (from L to R) Ana Bell as Cybil, Django Palty as Ethan, me as Sydney (with no pants) and Jeremiah Maestas as Ronald.

My show-boyfriend and I wearing each other's pants on break. Just a typical day at the office....

So. Much. Love. Right. Here. One of the coolest casts I've ever worked with, ever.

We catch naps whenever we can...

If you're in the NYC area and looking to see some exciting and affordable theatre, check us out! Let me know if/ when you're coming and we can catch up after the show!