Monday, February 9, 2015

Fit in Five Episode 1

Short, sweet & to the point. Concise. No frills. 

Fit in Five will offer a series of short, five-move circuits that can be done in your home with minimal equipment. 

Meet your trainer: 

Jorge Luna is ISSA and Schwinn Indoor Cycling Certified. He's been a fitness junkie for over 20 years and currently trains for befitnyc, NYC Fitness and Iowa Sports Club

Jorge and I worked out together last night at the beautiful befitnyc studio. Enjoy the fruits of our labor, complete with poor quality camera footage, awkward editing and me not even attempting to do my hair- because you know I keep it real. 

1. Side Plank w Lateral Raises- 15 per side
2. Mountain Climbers- 40 single count
3. Plank Single Arm Row- 10 per side
4. Step Back Lunge with Leg Raise- 15 per side
5. Burpees- 15

If you try the workout, let me know how you like it in the comments! Too hard? Too easy? We want to hear from you. 

Happy Sweating.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Hustle & Grind, Weekend Edition

Weekends are working days around here, but a slightly later start time means coffee meditation in the (hanging) garden.

Today, I have a rehearsal and a film shoot with the Void Theater Company, a yoga class (if I hurry) and then a performance of The Harper's Play at Jack NY. Cue- big breakfast!

Power plate, activate- turkey bacon, whole wheat tortilla, egg and greens.

It just began snowing outside my window, which means I'll bundle up like I'm hitting the Iditarod and trundle to the subway, wondering how on earth anyone can manage to look even remotely stylish in this weather? I cease caring at approximately 30 degrees.

I'm excited to feature a workout tomorrow with a very special guest contributor. Keep your eyes peeled. 

Do you have a working weekend? What's your favorite Saturday AM ritual? And do you try to look fly in the cold, or does comfort reign?

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

NYC Blogger Playdate Rides Again! March 1st, 2015

Oh hey- fancy seeing you here. It has been approximately eight trillion years since I've posted (scientific estimate), so be on the lookout for a blog-facelift soon. So much new and exciting in this girl's world. Stay tuned for details. I've kept busy, I promise. 

In the meantime, I'm thrilled to announce that the NYC Blogger Playdate is returning on March 1st, 2015. befitnyc will be hosting a swarm of NYC fitness, food, nutrition and lifestyle bloggers for free classes in the morning and then we'll convene for brunch that afternoon in the Upper West Side. 

Want in on the action? Comment here, get at me on Twitter, Facebook me, shoot over an email, or smoke signal me.