Friday, May 15, 2015

Limeade and Sweaty Runs

My students at the Brooklyn Apple Academy organized a Limeade Sale yesterday in Prospect Park to benefit relief efforts in Nepal. 

They also accepted tips for the ice fund (which fund them getting ices from the park vendor). We had an intricate discussion about full disclosure of funds and how important it is that customers can decide where their money goes. 

I did 5.18 miles in 52 minutes yesterday (including cool-down)- this brings me up to about 10.25 miles for the week plus a spinning class.

Sweat makes me proud.

Dinners have been sweet & simple lately- myself and the fella both get home so late that we usually toss a protein into a skillet, some couscous into the microwave on carb-loading days (Far East 5 minute mixes, you complete me) and serve with some raw greens. 

 Above: a pan-seared pork chop with coconut-oil caramelized onions and a mixed green salad- so easy to make and so, so satisfying.

On mornings like this one when I don't have to teach until the afternoon, I've been whipping up some single skillet meals, like this one- Al Fresco Sundried Tomato Chicken Sausage, red peppers, bok choy, an egg (over easy) and some avocado. Veg and protein and happy fat heaven.

While catching up on computer work, I'm sniffing this intoxicating branch my fella brought me last night. We had a lilac tree in the backyard of one of the houses I lived in growing up- it was perpetually trapped in the shade of this giant pine so it grew almost parallel to the ground desperately seeking sun. Every spring and summer our house would be filled with snips and snaps from that magical little tree. It's the simple things...

I'm currently DEEEEEP into post-production for my film directing debut- Father's Day. I'll write about the process some day, but my spare time is currently gobbled up by Adobe Premiere- I've learned by watching my fellow editors and now I'm wading into the water on my own to try to speed up our post-process. I'm hoping to submit to a few festivals this fall. Fingers crossed.  

Today I'll be swinging around some kettlebells before going to teach and then meeting up with some fellow Mitchell Scholars for a drink and a bite this evening.

How have you been sweating this week?
What's your favorite lazy morning breakfast?
Have you ever taught yourself a program/ software?