Friday, May 8, 2015

Oh hai, game. I'm back in ya.

Apologies for not apologizing for my insanely sporadic posting habits. Life's a little wild right now, but I miss ya, blogworld. Here are a bunch of random, unrelated things. 

I spent a few months about two years doing a lot of back-to-back theatre & dance projects and slowly letting my beloved fitness routine fall by the wayside. I've not been inactive by any stretch of the imagination, but I miss the zen I feel when I make time for myself to just get sweaty.

This week: 
Monday- Runday & Bootcamp
Tuesday- Run & Kettlebells
Wednesday- Spinning
Thursday- Cardi-OH yeah. Running and Elliptical
Friday- Kettlebells, Blogilates' 5 Min Tone Arms (OUCH, gurl. ouch.)

Jammin' On:

Private Screening of Noble, about Irish activist Christina Noble, at the Bryant Park Hotel with the US Ireland Alliance

Official paperwork starting to come through for my upcoming year abroad! I was selected as a 2016 Mitchell Scholar and will be spending the next academic year in Dublin, Ireland getting my MFA in Theatre Directing at Trinity College/ The Lir. More info on this soon.

I've been basking in the insanely beautiful NYC spring (we sure did wait long enough).

And I took a quick break for some homemade passion fruit margaritas on Cinco de Mayo.

I've been brown-bagging a lot, lately. The days are long- this kale & guac cup kept me rockin'.

And now, I'm off to spend the weekend upstate with my family.