Saturday, October 5, 2013

Keelie A. Sheridan Photography Samples

I've recently found the need for a concise sampling of my photographic work- a blog post seemed appropriate. My photography style reflects my eclectic, fresh and unique personal aesthetic. These images will be familiar to regular readers. Stay tuned for some exciting news!

Brooklyn College BFA Acting Ensemble- Brooklyn, NY

 Coffee Plant- Dalat, Vietnam

 Creme Caramel- Hanoi, Vietnam

 Cafe Mocha- San Jose, Costa Rica

 High Tide Sunset- Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

 Guaro Sour at Sunset- Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

 Rose Bud Tea- Brooklyn, NY

 Chocolate Covered Strawberry- Brooklyn, NY

 Maternity Photo- Amsterdam, NY

 Roses- Brooklyn, NY

 Actor Headshot- Brooklyn, NY

 Sidewalk Closeup- Brooklyn, NY

Actor Headshot- Brooklyn, NY

 Fresh Lemonade- Saratoga Springs, NY

 Fetuccini Pancetta- Saratoga Springs, NY

 Chocolate Mousse- Saratoga Springs, NY

 Apple Streudel- Saratoga Springs, NY

 Newborn Photos- Ballston Spa, NY

 Fresh Catch BBQ- Cape Cod

 Nauset Beach- Cape Cod

 Fresh Fruit Bowl- Cape Cod

 Asparagus, Swiss and Bacon Quiche- Cape Cod

 Capt'n Cass- Cape Cod

 Sail Boat- Cape Cod

 Crab, Shrimp and Lobster Rolls- Cape Cod

 Actor Headshot- Brooklyn, NY

 Brighton Beach- Brooklyn, NY

Local Horses- Socorro, Costa Rica

 Actor Headshot- Brooklyn, NY