Thursday, November 7, 2013

A few quick updates!

The wild world of Keelie is as exciting and busy as ever. My life is currently jam-packed, but with some very terrific things!

I work with Jack's Stir Brew- the city's BEST coffee company- doing social media and general coffee-shop fun. 

Our vegan, organic, Kosher pastry kitchen, run by chef Camillo Sabella, is one of the best in the city and it's been a real treat photographing Camillo's creations. 

I've begun working for Mealku- a NYC-based online community that delivers meals personally prepared by our network of home cooks. Think Seamless or Grubhub, but with a lot more love. I'm doing Mealku's food photography- pretty close to a dream job for me. Additionally, I'll be taking over some of their social media outlets. 

Some of my favorite images so far. ANNND I get to taste it all. Life is good. 

I was recently able to spend a day volunteering with some Mealku pals at The Bowery Mission. We were able to prepare and serve lunch for 300 hungry New Yorkers. 

Nothing like helping others to remind yourself how terrific your life is, regardless of what the world throws at you.

And in non-food-related items, I'm in a really terrific show! The Downtown Loop at 3LD has gotten a lot of critical love. Check us out in the NY Times! We perform Tues-Sat at 8p and have a Sat matinee at 3p. Running until November 16th! Come check us out!

So I'm busy. Super busy. But incredibly aware of how tremendously lucky I am. Life is good, indeed.