Monday, February 6, 2012

My Weekend at Home and the Sparkly Soul Giveaway Winner!

My weekend looked a lot like this...

Thanks to this kid. 

That would be my baby sister, Courtney. She competed for the title of Miss Fulton County this weekend, so I came home to support her (and be her hair/ makeup slave, natch). 

The weekend was made doubly special by the fact that my middle sister, Kieren, was the outgoing Miss Fulton County 2011, and was celebrating the end of her 7 year run in the Miss America Organization. 

2010 was my last pageant year, officially making me an old, retired person. 

We all were up with the sun on Saturday to get Courtney ready for her interview. This was always my favorite part of competing- in a ten minute private interview, you have the opportunity to introduce yourself to the judges, field their questions and talk about your platform issue- which was truly my raison d'etre in pageant-land. I'm an arts-in-education advocate, and I loved utilizing my titles to help facilitate dialogue about education reform. Kieren focused on helping to bridge the information and support gaps for at-risk students who want to go to college. Courtney is advocating for awareness and activism against teen dating violence. I. Am. Proud.

Momma slapped the car magnets (used in parades) onto Kieren's car for one last spin!

I got to work on hair/ makeup.

 Ready for interview! (her- not me- obvs)

And off Kieren and Courtney went!


Courtney returned to find the apartment crown-i-fied. 

And momma got to work on some oreo brownies for the bake sale. Holy moly.

We spent the afternoon relaxing, and before we knew it, it was showtime!

All of the girls looked beautiful in the opening number! Courtney sparkled in an adorable sequined cocktail dress that may go missing from her closet the next time I'm home. 

Kieren joined the girls and began her last evening as Miss Fulton County 2011!

 She talked with the emcees about her year and her journey in the Miss America system.

Onstage question was next! Courtney was asked if she thought that drug-testing should be mandatory in high schools. She very eloquently asserted that she felt drug-testing should be mandatory for students who seek out leadership roles and represent the school, like athletes, but that it should not be mandatory for all students.

Kieren came back to the stage to perform the talent piece that she performed at Miss NY this past summer. Our family grew up Irish step dancing (this was also my talent when I competed).

And then- SWIMSUIT. Courtney killed it. 

Followed by talent! Courtney began bellydancing years ago to mix up her dance training.

Her talent presentation was stunning!

Last but certainly not least- EVENING GOWN!

Courtney was absolutely stunning in her purple-chiffon evening gown!

Poised, elegant and graceful.

As the scores were tabulated, it was Kieren's turn to say good-bye. 

I gush over my sisters a lot, but sometimes I can't find the words to accurately express how honored I am to be related to such talented, passionate, hardworking and persevering women. 

My honorary brother-in-law, Shawn (they've been dating for like a trillion years- we grew up with him around- it counts) made this AWESOME video documenting the ladies' preparation for the pageant. 

And then- awards!

 Courtney tied with Jessica for Congeniality, carrying on the Sheridan tradition. Kieren has won congeniality in EVERY pageant she's ever competed in except one. True story. We're a congenial bunch. 

Courtney was named as the 1st Runner Up and won a $2000 scholarship! I could not be more proud!

My friend, Colleen, took the title. I've known this girl for a lonnnnnnngggg time, and she's grown so much since I first met her. She'll be a wonderful Miss Fulton County!

My awesome friends joined me at the pageant! Extra crowd support is always a good thing.  :)

And yes- Jarred is making fun of my pageant pose. Hater. 

Courtney was greeted by her supporters! Our Aunt and Uncle are two of our biggest fans!

I caught up with some pageant pals! :)

My dad and step mom congratulated Courtney. I tried to crop my dad's arm out of this picture because he's executing a ridiculous pose, but it didn't work. Photoshopping won't make your parents normal. Checkmate, Dad. 

I'm not sure if Courtney's boyfriend's matching was intentional or not...

Sisters!!!!!!!!!!! Kieren, Courtney and I were re-united with our sistas from another missus! We met these girlies and their awesome mom through pageants and have been tight for years. Love these kiddos.

We get crazy sometimes. 

The lady behind the Sheridan sisters- my momma! Most of our shenanigans wouldn't be possible without her. At least- most of the worthwhile ones. 

This is why we're always smiling in pictures...

Welcome to the retired pageant girls club, Kinzie!

A former pageant director made this dinosaur for Kieren. AMAZING. 

The TRUE RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR HAS SPOKEN. And now... the winner of the Sparkly Soul Giveaway


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