Sunday, February 26, 2012

Where to begin?

It has been almost three weeks since I last posted. HOLY. GRAD SCHOOL. SMACKDOWN.

In short, on top of my usually crazy class/ homework/ scene rehearsal-load, I'm also in a show that opens in three weeks! I've been pulling a lot of 13 hour days at school, plus my 2 hour-round trip commute, plus any attempts at working out, and HOMEWORK. 

I miss you all terribly. 

Please accept this photo recap of the past three weeks- I have so much more to fill you in on!

Our days are long, and our breaks are few and far between. They usually involve shoveling snacks into our faces while running to the bathroom and simultaneously filling up a water bottle. You'd be impressed at what I can get done on a 5.

A quick bite to eat before seeing a pretty terrific production of Look Back In Anger at the Roundabout! LOVE me some free tickets, thanks to a professor!

School cafeteria food when I forget (or run out of time) to pack a lunch!

Packed dinner while running lines- eating any other food out of a Talenti jar is just... disappointing. 

This orange peel is in ONE PIECE- my cast-mate Django taught me that. Impressive, eh?

You know things are getting crazy when I bust out the sumo-turd-hair-pile.

My scene partner, Patrick, and I, working hard at a rehearsal for Tennessee Williams' Summer and Smoke. We're Grad students. Take. Us. Seriously.

In the audience at the college's play reading series!

 Tofu and blackbean scramble.

 Egg-less and flour-less pancakes with peanutbutter, bananas and honey!

 Alma Winemiller (me!) and John Buchanan (Patrick) getting ready to present our scene from Summer and Smoke. 

 The weather here in Brooklyn has been ALL OVER, but cold or warm, my hood is gorg.

 I live in Little Russia- this is how I blend...

 Ducks, pigeons, gulls and swans living in harmony.

 Completely un-retouched. How crazy does that water look??

 Tea at my nabe's coziest little Turkish cafe- Masal.

 If Joe's really good, I usually let him eat a sugar cube or two.

OH HAI BAKLAVA. YES, I'LL EAT ALL THREE OF YOU. I thought you'd never ask.

Green tea and line-learning- I've got a monologue that spans about six pages in the beginning of this show- holy moly!

 I 'splurged' on a $12 pedi and did my homework while sitting in the chair. My technician kindly offered me a People magazine, but homegirl's gotta multitask!

I picked up a super cute bikini at Target while running errands for school! On sale! Wahoo!

Rocking my scarf babushka-style on my way to assist at this AM's auditions.

Despite the past three week's craziness, my workouts haven't been terrible... I haven't been logging them or keeping track in any quantitative way, but I've had some great incline runs (Tough Mudder doesn't care if you're busy) and some killer strength workouts.

I'm proud I've been squeezing in some fitness- it keeps me sane. This may or may not have something to do with the fact that my pants come off 1/2 way during my show and don't come back on. More on that later.