Friday, February 25, 2011

Hopping on the ABC train!

Lots of my blogger pals have been doing ABC lists, so I thought I'd join! I used ideas from theirs and switched up a few letters... Enjoy!

Age: Actors don't have ages- we have "ranges". :) My "range" is 16-25.
Birthday: May 27th! Yay Geminis!
Cake or Cookies: CAKE. Hands down.
Dance Style: Irish Step Dancing- going on 15 years!
Essentials to Start my Day: ICED COFFEE. Regardless of the weather.
Favorite Time of Day: Sun rise- though I rarely get to see it! :)
Gold or Silver: Silver.
Height: 5'3 and 1/4.
Inspiration: Art, Kids, City Life
Job Title (s): Actor, Dancer, Writer, Teaching Artist
Kids: Are awesome.
Located In: Brooklyn, NY
Mom's Name: Maxine
Nicknames: Keels, Keeks, Donger (high school nickname- don't ask)
Oldest Posession: Books
Pet Peeve: Selfishness, Close Mindedness, Ignorance, Taking up multiple subway seats on a crowded train.
Quote: "The principal mark of genius is not perfection but originality, the opening of new frontiers." -Arthur Koestler
Righty or Lefty: Righty, but I paint and eat with both. :)
Siblings: Two younger biological sisters (Kieren and Courtney), who are my best friends, and four older step sisters
Time Spent Getting Ready: To look and feel good, about an hour...
Underwear: Whatever I can find...
Vegetable You Dislike: Mushrooms. I'm trying to learn to like them a little, though... They're Joe's favorite.
What Makes You Run Late: Thinking I can do things faster than I actually can....
X-Rays You've Had Done: Teeth and some MRIs/ CAT scans if those count
Yummy Food You Make: I am the burger queen. Ask my fiance.
Zoo, Favorite Animal: Zoos usually depress me, but I think elephants are the most beautiful creatures on earth.

What are YOUR ABCs?