Monday, July 8, 2013

Eat Clean, Sweat Well, Sleep Naked

We have a small but varied Greenmarket in my new hood on Sundays. 

I grabbed a few fresh finds- CORN! YES!


I rejoined Bally's! I was a loyal member for years, then got rid of my membership to take advantage of my student benefits in grad school, but I'm back! I squeezed in a quick 30 mins of cardio and some plyometrics, and felt my mood increase in direct relation to sweat expenditure. It was beautiful. 


The NYC heat wave has been messing with my sleep in a major way, and it's been affecting my quality of life, bigtime. I was very interested to read 'Five Reasons to Sleep Naked' by Natasha Turner, initially because I love reading anything that validates my opinions, but noticed that all of the listed reasons relate to temperature. Give it a gander.