Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A mumble-jumble collage of a week!

Good morning. 

From inside my belly. 

Spinach, eggwhites and a bit of mozzarella on two small slices of high fiber multi grain toast. So simple, so filling.

I'm a busy girl. Always have been, always will be. It's in my nature to fill my schedule to the brim. This week has been no exception.

Rehearsing for the world premiere of Charles Mee's The Four Seasons NYC has demanded most of my time these days. Can you spot me in this photo (look for my signature pile of unruly red hair).

On Monday we got to do a group walk-through of the space we're performing in- the stunning Angel Orensanz Foundation- the oldest synagogue in NYC, now an artistic haven. Lots of non-performers don't realize that rehearsals (especially in NYC) rarely take place in the performance space until the week of technical rehearsal (right before opening). Getting a few minutes to romp around this creative playground was such a gift.

I mean... COME ON.

If you're in the NYC area, you MUST join us! I guarantee this magical celebration of life and love in one of the city's most majestic historical spaces will be unlike ANYTHING you've ever seen. Get your tickets here!


I'm moving for the 5th time in about 9 months. After being displaced by Hurricane Sandy, things have yet to settle down on the housing front. Fingers crossed that this next move will be somewhat permanent! My new roommates are two good friends from school, the apartment is large (by Brooklyn standards), and I'm excited about the neighborhood!

Why yes, that is a chalkboard-paint circle, right next to where my desk will be, because I am an eight-year-old.

I'm working with reds and earth-tones. The room was pastel purple before, so this is a big upgrade.

How radical is this mirror I snagged for $20 in a street fair?


My BFF since middle school is having a baby! I had a blast taking her maternity pics last month.

And this past weekend I made a whirlwind trip home to help throw her baby shower!

In sweaty news, I've been spending a lot of time at the Yoga to the People's 38th St. and 26th St. studios, taking some of their hot vinyasa classes. Oof weezy. The sweat.

I'm easing myself back into running- admittedly the stress of the past 9 months has taken it's toll on my workout routine. My energy has suffered, and I miss feeling healthy and strong. So LEGGO!


In other random news, I bought some sweet summer kicks. Reason #44949585 why NYC is the best place to live on earth- there is an abundance of super fresh, hyper trendy, awesomely now everything being sold on the cheap.

And these little devils happened on one of my coffee breaks.
Cookie dough, cinnamon and peanut butter cup. Each under 50 calories. Baked by Melissa, GET AWN WITCHYO BAD SELF. Also, their iced coffee is DELISH, and cheap! When you're buying 2+ iced coffees a day in NYC, you keep a running tab of who's doing their thang for less than $3.