Friday, June 28, 2013

A Mixed Bag- Abundance and Loss

General disclaimer- forgive the phone pics! I've gotten a bit lazy, but promise to snap out of it soon! :)

When you start a day off with shoes this fly, you can't help but smile. 

I had mixed up some overnight oats, using some dry multigrain hot cereal, soy milk, frozen strawberries, peanut butter and blackberry jam. No matter how small the portion, I can NEVER finish a bowl of these. Is that weird? I am no dainty eater, as anyone who's ever witnessed my consumption powers can attest to, but when it comes to oats, I can never seem to get to the bottom of the bowl....

I did a short but FIREY kettlebell circuit after breakfast. This picture isn't from yesterday, but it IS me with a kettlebell. Oy. I'm really patching this one together today....

I snacked on some Late July Organic Mild Green Mojo Chips- which have been my life long best friends since I discovered them, shared with some Original Tribe Hummus. I love the individual cups!

I ran around the city doing some promotional work for my upcoming show and stopped by Pret A Manger to grab a quick snack before rehearsal.  This cup was PERFECT! Quinoa, salmon, egg, arugula- tons of protein, few extraneous calories, and just the right portion size. 

Outdoor rehearsal for The Four Seasons NYC at Astor Place was inspiring as usual. Can you spot my silly MUG in the middle, sharing the wheelchair? Seriously. Come. See. This. Show. Tickets here

Photo swiped from castmate Phoebe.

 A quick Whole Foods dinner was in order, devoured on the Q train at appx 9:30p.

Nutritionally, yesterday was pretty great. Except the LARGE helping of Half-Baked that I devoured while catching up on computer work....


And then I woke up this morning to learn that my hometown, Ft. Plain, NY, is currently being destroyed by another 'historic' flood- on the 7 year anniversary, to-date, of the first 'historic flood' in recent memory. It is believed that at least 100 homes have been flooded, which is a devastating blow to a town of approximately 2000 people. My Facebook feed is clogged with images and videos too heartbreaking to share, but please, keep NY's Mohawk Valley in your prayers or meditations or intentions today. I know all to well what they're going through.