Monday, July 18, 2011

Charitable Company Spotlight: Late July Organic Snacks

This will probably not come as a surprise to you if you read this blog frequently, but charity has long been and will always be a very important part of my life. On several occasions throughout my younger years, I have been the recipient of charitable giving and depended on the help of strangers, for which I've always been grateful, and have always sought to repay by helping others (hence the job at a non-profit, volunteer advocacy and involvement with NY Cares and affiliates, etc.). 

There is nothing like the gift of time, but we are all very busy people. Similarly, donations are usually very helpful, but most of us don't always have extra cash lying around to be given away.

Fortunately there are some awesome food that donate a portion of your purchase cost to a charity of their choosing. This past winter I posted about doing my Christmas shopping with charity-based companies, and several of my friends and family members did the same. More and more, I've found myself researching the practices of food companies, and I've turned up some exciting results that I'm thrilled to share with you!

The first company I'd like to highlight is:

I picked up two bags of Late July's Multigrain Snack Chips in Sea Salt by the Seashore and Dude Ranch.

Both are delicious! Crunchy, substantial chips seasoned with a light hand (THANK GOODNESS- I hate excessive seasoning). They were great alone and with salsa!

I spotted them on the shelf because they were on sale, but I put them in my cart after scoping out the nutrition label and seeing the following message:

10% of profits from the Organic Multigrain Snack Chips is donated to the ACA Send a Child to Camp Fund.  I was sold. Having attended summer camp once as a child (thanks to a scholarship VERY similar to this one), I can speak firsthand to the amazingly positive and important experience children can have at summer camp. I currently work for a summer camp that provides its services for free (we're a grant and donation funded non-profit), but we can't possibly serve all or even most of the kids who want and need to participate in our programming. Funds like the ACA's give the opportunity to attend camp to kids who's families would not otherwise be able to send them. 

Good causes make good products taste even better. Bravo, Late July Organic Snacks!

Do you have suggestions for other food or fitness-related companies that give back? Leave me a comment and let me know! :)


fancy nancy said...

I never knew Late July donated money to this! Thanks for the heads up! I guess I should pay closer attention before I stuff my face!!

Keelie Sheridan said...

@Nancy- :) It's my pleasure! Happy to spread the word of good works!

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