Friday, July 22, 2011

Catchin' Up with Family and Friends

Last evening I enjoyed dinner with the mahjah at one of my favorite restaurants in Johnstown, Italian Bistro. I've been coming here since 9th grade, and their chicken wing pizza is my favorite on earth. 

 They have the most delicious breadsticks, served with delicious marinated tomatoes.

 I went with the soup/ salad bar combo.

And the mahjah had a personal pizza. Mmmm....

After dinner, I headed out to meet up with my friends Jarred and Genevieve, who are getting hitched!

When she picked me up, she had an iced coffee waiting for me... Is it obvious why we're friends? :)

As I mentioned earlier, Jarred and I have been BFFs since 2003- I'm so happy he found such a wonderful woman to share his life with!

Devin (left) and I have been friends since MIDDLE SCHOOL, and Travis (right) has directed me in two films- such a sweet guy! Both of these guys are groomsmen in the wedding!

We like to lay around together...

Part of our wedding prep tasks included the boys trying on their tuxes (my Joe on the left, and Devin on the right). Aren't they handsome?

When we finished our wedding chores, it was almost 1a. We were BOILING hot, and decided it was the perfect time to head to the lake for some nighttime swimming!
Jarred, Devin and Genevieve picking up some provisions...

Joe doesn't warn me before he does these things in pictures... just for clarification...

Oh heyyyyy there Pine Lake.

I'm the Little Mermaid! And YES, I'm wearing a bathing suit top!

Jarred and I have started a photo series called the "Lake Creeper".  Usually these pictures involve me obliviously playing in the water while Jarred stalks in the background. Awesome.

By the time I returned home and went to bed, it was 4 AM. I cannot honestly tell you the last time I was up that late... I guess being home and hanging out with old friends reminds you of old habits! :)

Have you been able to spend time with family members or good friends recently? What did you do?

Have you gone on any late night adventures recently?