Sunday, July 17, 2011

Easy Night, CRAZY Morning!

Happy Sunday, Homeslices!

Yesterday was pretty chill for me. As in, I didn't leave my house once yesterday. No joke. Joe worked in the afternoon, so I spent my time doing some random kettlebell workouts, studying for my ACE Certification, doing some summer reading for school and skyping.  Awesome!

I had snacked a bit throughout the day, but around 7 or 8 I realized I was STARVING. At a loss, I dug through my freezer and was thrilled to remember we had picked up some brussel sprouts at the grocery store!
Holy awful lighting. Don't stop loving me for this terrible picture. I beg you. Just share in my brussel sprout enthusiasm! Did you know this bag serves 4 regular people or 1 Keelie?

I also found a lonely little porkchop in the freezer. 10 minutes to yumminess! 

I noshed on some fresh cherries and razzies with a bit of dark chocolate for dessert. So. Summery.

And then, like a boss, I woke up this AM to meet my friend at the gym for a 9 mile run! OHHHHH YEAH. My time... sucked. BUT I did it. 

And I got to try out two new Honey Stinger products from the sample packet they sent me. I've previously tried (and loved) their Honey Stinger Gold Gel, and today I tested out the Honey Flavored Waffle and the Ginsting Gel. 
(Image from the Honey Stinger website)

I woke up a bit later than intended this AM, and since I was meeting a friend at the gym, I had to get moving. Without time to make myself breakfast, I snarfed down the Honey flavored Waffle on my way to the gym. This is the second waffle I've had (I tried the Vanilla one last week), and I honestly didn't notice much difference between the two flavors. The texture is satisfying... slightly chewy and sticky, and I didn't feel hungry once I got going.

About 6 miles in, I walked for a few minutes to suck down the Ginsting Gel. To my pleasant surprise, it tasted very similar to the Gold, which I enjoyed. This one might have been slightly thicker, or maybe it was just because this one hadn't been in my bra for an hour warming up (like the Gold had when I took it outdoors)...  As with the Gold, the latter half of my run felt steady and strong. My legs tired out before I did, which doesn't usually happen to me. The caffeine didn't make me jittery at all (though I do chug the equivalent of about 6 cups of coffee a day...). 

After a quick shower and some protein chocolate milk, I'm off for a girl's day with my super bad-ass trainer/ surrogate mom/ manager, Ellen Stein. Look for a guest post from her in the near future!

Random side note: 


It's not going to happen any time soon for this broke grad student, but if they ever want a sassy fitness blogger to come and stay for the week, they've got their girl right here! :)


Tenecia said...

Ok...the first picture made me bust out laughing!!! You are hilarious - love your personality!!!


Keelie Sheridan said...

:) Thanks, T! So psyched to hear about your comp results! Well deserved!

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