Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Random Eats and RECIPE REQUEST!

First and foremost, THANK YOU to all of you who've sent messages of encouragement regarding my mom. Your support means a lot to me. She's doing very well, and they're planning on moving her to rehab tomorrow!

What's been IN MAH BELLY lately?

 Fresh mango with greek yogurt and granola. 

 Pomegranate juice and lime seltzer spritzers with frozen watermelon instead of ice cubes. DO THIS. NOW.

 My breakfast on the go- literally- as I'm walking to work.

My old standby- the egg white turkey sausage on a multigrain bagel. My super-cute Dunkin Donuts boyfriend knows my order by heart. Usually he gives me a hassle before handing me the bag, but today as he was holding my lunch hostage, he told me that he'd trade me my food for a date. I didn't think Joe would like it, so I declined...

Tonight's dinner is brought to you by Keelie's super empty fridge- freezer broccoli, brown rice and Sesame Ginger dressing with lime juice! HOLLA!


I'm hosting a Beach BBQ this Sunday, and am looking for some super simple, fresh, yummy recipes to throw together! What are your favorite go-to recipes for outdoor events? I want to hear them! :)


Chels said...

Mango is the best no matter how you eat it! For bbq I love making veggie and shrimp kabobs, they are easy and healthy.

Keelie Sheridan said...

I totally forgot about kabobs! :) Thanks, girl!

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