Saturday, May 28, 2011

Birthday Celebration Part 1

Busiest birthday ever! I was up with the sun to head to the Bronx (a nearly 2 hour commute from my Brooklyn apartment) to teach 4th and 5th graders creative writing and performance. I headed back to the train, returned to Brooklyn, came home to eat lunch and arrived to a small box sitting in front of my door. My initial thought was "Wow, I'm so glad no one stole that." (It's happened before, thanks to UPS's annoying habit of leaving thinks in front of people's homes. I live in BROOKLYN, for goodness' sake.) I bent down to pick it up and quickly realized why it hadn't been stolen- it's a 14kg kettlebell! A gift from my surrogate mom/ confidante/ trainer/ inspiration, Ellen Stein. SO PSYCHED to use it! I then spent the afternoon disciplining my Brooklyn 4th graders. Ugh. I LOVE that group of kids, but they can be divas. After teaching part deux I rushed into Manhattan for an audition and then met up with the hubs for a quick birthday dinner!

We decided to try a new joint near Union Sq. 

We walked in and immediately noticed that the air-conditioning was broken- it was BOILING in there, but it smelled awesome and we were both tired and too lazy to go find someplace else.  The set up is like Katz's Deli, but modernized. Each person gets a "Chip Card" upon entering. You sit wherever you'd like, and then visit the various stations- pizza, pasta, salad, bar- order what you'd like and swipe your card and then pay when you leave. Everything is made fresh at each station. 
I started off with a side salad- nothing life changing, but the dressing was nice- a tangy vineagrette.

Montepulciano for Joe, iced water for me...

We shared a whole-wheat Pesto e Spinaci. Pretty delish.

Annnndddd.... A Roasted Tomato and Garlic Pizza. Mmm...

Wearing the sweet necklace Joe's mom got me for my birthday!

I like him. 

We finished off the night with Cookie Dough and Half-Baked Cupcakes from CRUMBS. Epic success.

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All dishes including dessert is delicious! Thanks for sharing!

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