Monday, May 30, 2011

Food Prep Day and Green Housekeeping

Nothing like some frozen mango chunks, raw almonds and greek yogurt to wake you up in the AM! :)

Today has consisted of A LOT of food prep. Soaking navy beans-check. Slicing up delicious pineapple- check. Brewing iced coffee- check. Grocery shopping- check. Still to do: make kale chips (YESSS), make a refreshing pitcher of something using the bunch of fresh mint I got at the grocery store...

Mmmmmm... A slice of tropical paradise! :)

I also picked up some new dish detergent (our apartment is too small for a dishwasher so we do ALL our dishes by hand). I decided to give Mrs. Meyers Lemon Verbena Dish Soap. It was on sale, and I'm slowly but surely switching over to non-toxic household cleaners, so I figured I'd give this one a shot (I'll let you know how it works)! 

I've been using a few drops of Tea Tree Oil (which has antibacterial, antisceptic and anti-viral properties) and Eucalyptus Oil (a natural insecticide) mixed with water in a spray bottle as a household cleaner... I LOVE the smell, simplicity and affordability (the oils aren't terribly cheap but a little goes a long way)...

Today's sweat session brought to you by my FABOOSH new 14kg kettlbell- a birthday gift from my trainer/ surrogate mom/ business manager- Ellen Stein!

It's a strength/ flexibility day on my half marthon training schedule (I'm following Hal Higdon's intermediate plan), so KBs and yoga fit the bill! :)

Kettlebell Workout:
KB Swing Ladder (15 reps with 14kg, 12kg, 10kg, 8kg)
KB Dead Clean+Press (5 reps/ arm, 12kg bell)
KB Windmills (10 reps/ arm, 10kg bell)
Side Planks (10/ side)


Plus a few sunrise salutations! :)

Do you have a food prep day? What foods do you prep for the week ahead?

Do you use any green household cleaners? Recommendations/ reviews?