Thursday, May 26, 2011

Putting It Out There...

I'm a pretty happy girl at the moment. 

I've got an amazing husband.

I have an incredibly rewarding job.

I have the most wonderful family imaginable. 

I've got some pretty insanely awesome friends.

I also have an exciting two years journey to look forward to (I'm returning to school to get my MFA in Acting in the fall).

Not to mention clothes on my back, a roof over my head and enough food to eat. I can't even begin to express how grateful I am for all the good things I've got going for me. 

Buuutttt... if you're like me, you're curious about everything and always taking new opportunities as they present themselves! I love challenges, and I'm never satisfied, which is why I'm setting two VERY BIG goals for the summer!

Summer Goal #1: 
To Run My First 1/2 Marathon!
I've never run any distance of timed race before, but I've done Tough Mudders ranging between 8-12 miles, so I figured I should challenge myself and aim for a 1/2. How long do you usually train before a race? Do you have an "off-season", or are you an intense runner year round? Know of any great training regimens I can find online? 

Summer Goal #2:
To Finish Study and Take My ACE Personal Trainer Exam!
I've had the materials for over a year now, but it keeps getting pushed aside because new and exciting opportunities are popping up. I honestly don't know how much I'd actually work as a trainer once I'm out of school, but having the knowledge and the certification, even if only to help out friends, is something I'd love. Are you a CPT? Who do you hold certifications with? Any advice for studying for the big exam?

Thanks for the support, pals! :)

P.S. Yesterday's workout was not really as planned- I was psyched to do a nice long run... And when I got there, there were NO treadmills. At all. And three people waiting for them. Ugh. So I hopped on the elliptical.

I did some kettlebell work at home (swings, snatches and squat presses) plus some pushups and ab work. Sassy!


Erica said...

:) Its always good to take time to really appreciate all the wonderful things we have! Those are two AWESOME goals!! I am hoping to run a half after the baby is born. Good luck with all of your undertakings!

Julie said...

Two new great goals! I just did my first 1/2 marathon this month and just used my training for my triathlon, but I've done a marathon using Hal Higdon's free on line plan before. Check it out. There are tons of other free programs, too. I know lots of people like Jeff Galloway's plan.

I'm certified through NASM!

Valerie @ City|Life|Eats said...

Best wishes on your wedding :)

Keelie Sheridan said...

Thanks, ladies! :)

Julie- I think I'm going to use Hal Higdon's plan- thank you! :)

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