Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day 4 of the 100 Pushup Challenge

I'm supposed to skip a day between the pushup training, but I had skipped a few before yesterday's session and honestly, I don't feel terribly sore today, so I'm going to forge ahead!

These next few days will be pretty insane, with work and rehearsals for my one-woman show, A Woman in Progress, plus a whole batch of delicious Christmas gifts to make for Joe's family... Decadent, dark homemade truffles are on the menu... MUST. NOT. CONSUME. ALL. THE. TRUFFLES.

On Christmas Eve, we'll be visiting with Joe's family in Jersey (his parents and sister are coming from Indiana- this will be a huge gathering!) and then I'm taking the 9:50 train from New Brunswick to Penn Station, followed by the 11:50p train to Albany, so I should arrive at my dad's by 3:30a or so on Christmas AM, where I'll relish 4.5 hrs of sleep before the traditional Christmas Breakfast at my dad's, a stop at my grandma and aunt's house, and then back to my mom's for the rest of the day. OY. What sort of holiday craziness do you have planned?

Today's Quickie Sweat Session:

Pushup Challenge (14, 14,  10, 10) 
80 jumprope turns
10 tucking jump  squats
20 split squats (alternating)
20 squatting calf raises
20 sumo squats

Plus 2 hrs of teaching dance, followed by a 3 hr rehearsal...

I miss the gym! :(

Happy Sweating!


Lisa said...

I laughed at your must not consume all the truffles! More power too you. I'm a weakling when I bake! Good luck!!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

100 push-ups!!! AWESOME GOAL!! I am inspired!

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