Saturday, December 11, 2010

Long Days... Squeezing in Some Sweat Time

1:30 Jumping Jacks
20 kb overhead presses w 10k bell (10x arm)
1:30 High Knees
20 kb lunge & press w/ 8k bell (10x side)
1:30 double handed swing w 12k bell
16 russian twists w/ 12k bell (per side)
20 single leg plank raise (10x leg, alternating)
20 windmills w/ 10k bell (10x side)
20 split squats
50 ankle wiggles (What's an ankle wiggle?)
20 single leg deadlifts with 12k bell (10x side)

^ Not stellar. I'm feeling pretty crappy- I'm pretty sure I have the beginnings of an ear infection... UGH.

I was out and about today running errands for my upcoming show in/ around Times Sq. (UGH), but I had a really delicious, quick and light lunch at Baja Fresh on Broadway- a Grilled Mahi Mahi Taco LOADED with pico! Yummmmmm.


ThE MidLiFe CrUiSeR said...

I look at those gorgeous pictures of you, and wish I hadn't eaten all the junk while on vacation! You are inspiring :)

Your workout looks great! Sorry you couldn't give it your all because of your ear. Hope you get better soon!

(36 year old fulltime RVer living la vida loca with a cute-butt husband and a stink-butt dog!)

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

NO for ear infections, those are the worst. Awesome that how I could get your abs??

Keelie Sheridan said...

Thanks, Nellie and HRG! I've definitely been eating my fair share of holiday junk... Ugh...

I'm lucky to have my kettlebells at home, so even if I'm under the weather, I can usually get in a few quick exercises... :)

Happy Sweating!

Katie ♥ said...

Girl you are awesome! Keep rocking! I love the swimwear you chose too for your competition! Its really awesome!

Yes Modcloth is the best site ever!! Glad you feel the same way!

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