Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Today Was Long, Tomorrow Will Be Longer...

I feel like this morning was days ago... Woke up early, did some computer work, walked to work and  taught my awesome adult students at Block Institute, walked home and had a quick lunch-reheats of Joe's yummy tofu pasta scramble thing and then headed to the gym to do a hill running workout (the incline SERIOUSLY pissed off my right knee... mental note- take it easy on the incline), then walked to my other job and taught my awesome 4th graders (West African Dance) and 5th graders (Salsa Dance). If ever you find yourself tired or cranky, simply tell a fifth grade boy that he has to ballroom dance and watch his reaction. Made. My. Day. :)

One of two big bags I've packed for tomorrow- mini flatiron, shine spray, HAWT Guess heels, yellow clutch, LBD, patterned tights, tiny hairbrush, Trader Joe's Chickpea deliciousness for lunch and hiding inside the bag are my makeup tote along with some other essentials to go from Dance Teacher to Executive Board Member in a flash! In my backpack I'll have all my teaching materials for the day!

Tomorrow will be absolute crazy-pants busy. I teach nine groups of pre-school/ kindergarten aged kiddos at Block Institute, then race back to Sheepshead Bay to teach 1st grade (Irish Step Dance) and 2nd Grade (Traditional Chinese Dance) and then Joe's meeting me at the school so we can book it into Manhattan for the Benefit Gala Performance of Mind The Art Entertainment's award winning 2010 Fringe play, The Timing of a Day. Joe and I are both Board Members of MTAE, and I'm super excited to celebrate our extension of this awesome piece. 

Last but not least, if you haven't already, PLEASE vote for me to be a trophy chaperone at this year's Drama Desk Awards! It would be a dream come true! It takes five seconds, and wins you my eternal gratitude! Simply LIKE TheaterMania.com on Facebook, and then scroll down their wall until you come across this picture of me, click on it and LIKE the picture! That's it! A HUGE thank you to my Blog Pals who've voted already! I promise to give you all a special shoutout when the contest is done! :)

I should have been sleeping an hour ago... oops! :) Sweet dreams!


Erica said...

Holy goodness! I'm tired just reading about your day :) Your jobs sound awesome!

Lacey said...

Done! Your photo was SERIOUSLY far down on their page though. I'd re-post on there to gain some new interest. :)

becoming-superwoman said...

you teach Irish dancing?!

Um, how did I not know this?!?!?!?!?! How long have you been irish dancing?

Keelie Sheridan said...

Erica- I LOVE my job... but I am EXHAUSTED at the end of every day! :)

Lacey- Thanks! I'll try to bump it up today!

Superwoman- YES! I started Irish Dancing when I was 8 and danced with the Wild Irish Acres School in Saratoga Springs, NY until I was 18, and then I've been with the Niall O'Leary School in NYC since then- so a total of about 16 years... Crazy!

How long/ where do you dance??

Peggy said...

You definitely have my vote! You sound like one busy busy bee!

Roxie-Girl said...

Just found your blog today and am so very happy! You are a great motivator and wanted to tell you that I went to the facebook link and voted for you!
Love all your posts and food pics! I'll be writing some of the recipes down to try in the future. Thanks!


Gina; The Candid RD said...

GREAT PHOTO!! Wow, that dress is amazing.
I hope your days are getting shorter. I had long days that dragggg.

Keelie Sheridan said...

Thanks for the votes, Peggy and Roxie! :)

And thank you, Gina!

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