Friday, March 18, 2011

Wedding countdown...


I'm so excited! I can't believe it's finally here! I've kicked the diet/ exercise into high gear because THIS GIRL will be lookin' good on her honeymoon to Puerto Rico and the Eastern Carribbean!

My family threw me an upstate bridal shower last weekend (I live in NYC, so my bridesmaids threw me one here, too- I know, I'm lucky)!

NYC Bridal Shower at Chestnut- I'm a crazy person...

Can you tell I love my mom?

 I <3 my bridesmaids! From L to R- My sister, Kieren: Maid of Honor, My sister, Courtney: Maid of Honor, Me, My soon-to-be-sister-in-law: Liz, and my dear friends Christina, Genevieve, Inga and Kira! (Missing- my friend Corey).

Sitting in the Bridal Throne at my upstate shower!

With one of my first pageant directors, Helen!

Toilet paper wedding gown contest! I modeled along with Sheena and Christa, two of my BFFs from high school- my Grams was the judge- guess who won? :)

I'm DYING to show you guys my wedding dresses (yep- that's a plural: a gown for the ceremony and then a shorter dress so I can boogie down at the reception), but since I'm keeping them under wraps until the wedding, I'll have to substitute by showing you the shoes, which were an additional $15 off plus free shipping (I <3 DSW)!

This weekend will include AT LEAST two 6+ mile runs and some serious kettlebell work!

What are you currently looking forward to?


DreamingofArnold said...

You are going to make one beautiful bride. :)

becoming-superwoman said...

wow - so exciting :)

Keelie Sheridan said...

Thanks ladies! I'm SOOOOO excited!

Julie D. said...

YAY! looks like so much fun! Love DSW. Good luck with all the last minute details and ENJOY!!!

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