Thursday, December 29, 2011

Back Home and the 2.5 Week Tone Up!

I've realized that if I continue to only do a recap a day I will NEVER get caught up to the present. It seems obvious, but it took me a few days to realize this. So here's my trip back from Indiana up to the present day!

It FINALLY snowed on our last day in Indiana. It was just a little, but it was festive!

I had one last meal to cross off my checklist (of things I like to eat when we're visiting Joe's family)- pizza from Gino's East!

To all you NY vs. Chicago style pizza controversialists- here's the thing- they're both good. They're just different. They serve different purposes. This Brooklyn girl is a LB Spumoni Gardens Sicilian fan to the core, but this Sausage and Cheese Deep Dish was pretty tasty, too. Let's just all get along!

After lunch, we headed to the airport in South Bend to catch our flight. It's a tiny airport to start with, but things were exceptionally quiet for a few days after Christmas....

We weren't complaining! The quiet was welcome!

Our first flight was short and uneventful. The sky was absolutely breathtaking as we boarded our Chicago -> NYC flight. 

You know those announcements that say to store EVERYTHING under the seat in front of you? They don't seem to apply to my camera, much to Joe's chagrin. Just in case you were wondering...

I mean what photographer is going to see a sky like this and not sneak out their camera for a few shots?

ESPECIALLY when you can see the moon and a star (planet?)! *I do not condone disregarding Federal Flight Association Rules.*

We got a slightly over-priced but delicious Tapas snack box in lieu of dinner...

And then the trouble started... The weather at Laguardia was preventing us from landing, so we had to circle the airport... in a storm... holy turbulence. After about 45 minutes of bumpy circling, I was doing EVERYTHING I could to keep from throwing up... When I couldn't stand it anymore I went to the bathroom (and got yelled at by a flight attendant for being out of my seat) and waited... I DIDN'T end up barfing (HALLELUJAH!) but I DID get stuck in the bathroom for the plane landing. While exciting, I wouldn't recommend it...

After waiting in the rain for an hour for our driver, we FINALLY made it home. Gracias a Dios. 

Yesterday was chore day- namely groceries and laundry, both of which are relatively large-scale productions when you live in a city and don't have a car. 

I've been craving citrus in a major way...

Snagged some new bars to try- they're pretty good in the protein department for a cereal bar!

MY NUTS ARE ON SALE! The Lime & Chili make my heart sing. The Habanero BBQ are pretty faboosh, too. 

I picked up a new condiment to try...

I don't care if loving this stuff makes me an old lady- sugar-free, seed-free and full of fiber? BRING IT ON!


Our haul...

I spotted this on our walk home from the grocery store- I wish all coffee shops advertised like this...

Santa brought me a fold up insulated Sachi bag and this tote for Christmas- I'm in love!

So cute and handy! I need more!

Santa also brought me these sweet dish towels. 

After organizing my kitchen and whipping up some of this delicious soup, we settled in for the evening. 


I had lost a significant amount of weight at the end of the semester- mostly due to stress combined with under-eating. Not. Cool. Keelie. What's most depressing about it is that almost ALL of the weight I lost was muscle mass. And I LOVE my muscles. 

And then I went away Christmas week and ate everything in site... and ran... once. As long-time readers of this blog know, I do not ban ANY foods- I'm a moderation advocate. I balance the "naughty" with the "nice" and sweat like a beast so that I'm feeling good always. But this is NOT how I've been living recently, and your homegirl has successfully put back on 7 of those lost lbs in two weeks, the wrong way.

2.5 Week Tone Up!

Joe and I are going to Hawaii on January 16th for a week of swimsuit-clad frolicking with two of our very best friends, so I'm curious to see how much of a change I can make in the 17 days I have until I leave. This will be tricky as I'll be traveling between NYC and upstate NY during this time, but I'm up for the challenge! 

-Daily cardio sessions- I'll be on my own for most of these while I'm traveling- fingers crossed for minimal snow and nice weather!
-4x weekly strength sessions (mostly body weight as I'm currently gym-less)
-CLEAN eating

Wow. Ok. Posting swimsuit pictures is scary. I have a new-found appreciation for all of my figure comp homegirls who post progress pics regularly! 

So here we go! 


Everyone knows progress pics must be makeup-free and showcase your hair's most ridiculous fly-aways...

Next progress picture due on Thursday 1/5!

Wish me luck! I will NOT be crash dieting, water-cycling, fasting, taking diet pills or doing anything other than some good old fashioned arse-kicking. Tips fitting these guidelines are greatly appreciated!