Sunday, December 25, 2011

Goodbye Brooklyn!

... but only for a week! Don't worry- I'm not going anywhere! :)

Before the great trek to Indiana to hang with the in-laws for Christmas, I made a slightly smaller great trek to the far-off land of Bay Ridge to visit Nordic Delicacies. The in-laws are Norwegian and I had been charged with picking up some Nokkelost cheese- evidently there are very few places in the US that carry it. 

The shop was adorable- they seemed to be out of a few things, I'm guessing because of the upcoming holidays. I got the second-to-last piece of Nokkelost in the whole store! Triple daughter-in-law points!

And then early the next AM we were off to Laguardia! We usually fly out of JFK and sometimes Newark, so this was a new adventure for us. 

Don't we look bright-eyed and bushy tailed?


My companion for the trip- a text book!

Bye-bye NY!

Our flight took off late and got in late, making our already short transfer even shorter- we ended up RUNNING through Terminal C at Chicago- it was excessively dramatic, but that's how we roll. 

The parents-in-law were waiting to pick us up and feed us when we arrived at South Bend! We visited Puerto Vallarta- one of our favorite Mexican restaurants! 

Yay in-laws!

 Joe and I were STARVING after a morning of travel!

After our delicious meals- all of which were exceptional- we headed over to the Mexican specialty store next door. 

We went back to Joe's parents house to drop off our luggage and get settled and then we met up with some of his friends to go see the new Mission Impossible movie (fun, but LONG) and then made a midnight Steak & Shake run.

A frequent haunt for Joe and his pals Aaron and Steve...

We got a cookie dough shake!

It didn't end well...

We got home at approximately 3a... ahhh vacation...