Sunday, December 4, 2011

"Hello. My name is Keelie Sheridan, and I'll be performing...."

Yesterday was audition day! At the end of each semester, auditions are held to cast the next semester's shows. Though there's really nothing to be afraid of, auditions are inherently a very stressful situation. In what other career do you have 2 minutes and 45 seconds to express who you are, why you're qualified for a position and why you're the best one for the job? OY. VEY. 

Breakfast in bed! Thanks, Joe- I was very grateful for this, especially since I had a lot to prepare for my auditions. He fixed up a delish cheese omelette and an english muffin with TJ's Pumpkin Butter and my new obsession...

Tierra Farm's Organic Maple Cashew Butter, which I picked up on my recent trip upstate, is OFF THE HOOK! Creamy, nutty, sweet and unique. I'm in love. And they're based out of Valatie, NY. Much love for the local goods.

Mmm... filling...

And then I was off to auditions, where I was greeted by these friendly faces. Despite the fact that it looks like Patrick and Andrea are have very different reactions to seeing me, they're actually warming up their faces.

With my classmates Aaron and Jonny- I spent some time pre-audition in a hot-man sandwich. Try not to be tooooo jealous...
I promise I wore shoes into my audition!

THAT is the face of a relieved actor! With my classmate Jeremy after his audition (and before mine). 

It went really well! Both of my pieces felt grounded and connected. Before rehearsal Aaron and I ran over to Starbucks for a much needed coffee break...

And on our way through campus we ran in to some more beautiful acting friends, like my homegirl, Sarah!

And a whole crazy cast of BFA actors- I love these guys!

Annnd... I'm off! I've been called back for FIVE shows (oy. vey.) so I'm primping and then running out the door to meet up with a classmate and run over our sides for the callbacks. Fingers crossed!