Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Nollaig Shona Duit, God Jul or MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Christmas morning we awoke to rollups! 

Another one of Joe's family traditions. 

Joe has made these for me before, usually when we're snowed in or have surprise days off... Like here and here

This was the second time this week that we had roll-ups! But this time, the whole family got to enjoy them!

Good breakfasts make Christmas morning that much more exciting!

The topping choices are endless! We had quite the spread...

My first roll-up included turkey bacon, blackberry preserves and sour cream. Weird? Yes. Awesome? You bet.

Things quickly got sticky...

Blueberries and whipped cream? A classic.

One happy family!

Turkey bacon and apple butter? SURE!

The masterpiece of the morning- apple butter, turkey bacon, whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles. Would you believe me if I told you adding sprinkles was my MIL's idea? You should, because it was. And it. was. epic.

After breakfast, it was time to take care of the presents strewn ALL OVER. 

Gifts purchased for each other were placed under the tree in the living room...

And then 'Santa' left piles of gifts for everyone in the downstairs den.


So does the MIL...

And the SIL...

And the FIL...

But no one loves presents more than my very special husband, who wore the Angel hat while distributing gifts. Isn't he precious?

Anything edible is usually very popular with the FIL...

And awesome cultural books are a hit with the MIL!

I'm always entertained with things that fall into the "pretty" or "smell good" category...

The SIL hooked me up with these beautiful handmade magnets...

And this delicious handmade soap!

Joe likes to read super long series, so if you figure out what he's currently reading and buy him the next 3 books, he'll be a pretty happy camper...

Since Liz just moved into her own apartment, we hooked her up with some necessary kitchen appliances! Like a mini Foreman grill...

We found a Life magazine from the week that Joe's dad was born! I think he liked it!

We also got him a wine aerator...

Liz's kitchen gifts part II- a crockpot!

The theme for Joe and I was plush and fuzzy! Joe got a ridiculously cozy throw and I got a giant furry vest!

Joe's mom got the FIL a super cute lawn ornament!

Joe and Liz both found Christmas pickles "on accident", but fortunately Joe's mom hid three so there was one for me to find!

Mission accomplished!

Then we headed downstairs to see what 'Santa' had left...

He was good to us, too!

A stocking tradition for Joe's family AND mine!

We cleaned up after the wrapping paper massacre and folded boxes and gently used tissue to be used next year- YAY recycling!

And then, onto the DELICIOUS and non-traditional Christmas dinner- pulled pork, vinegar coleslaw and pulled pork!

We watched Harry Potter 7 parts 1 and 2, which took... all day... and then when it was dark...


Essentially a Norwegian rice pudding, Riskrem is served with super yummy "red sauce" (strawberry? raspberry?) and an almond is hidden in the bowl... Whoever gets the almond in their portion gets an extra present!



Christmas day traditions? Familial? Cultural? Societal? I want to hear your favorites!