Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Back on track (er... treadmill)...

I walked out the door yesterday AM to this. 

Intense, right? It's like nature's version of mood lighting... I actually really LOVE fog- probably because I don't usually have to drive in it... But walking/ running through it is both soothing and exciting for me... 

We usually have Monday AMs free, but yesterday Heidi Griffiths from The Public came to run a workshop for the second year actors on cold readings and some of the first years (like myself) got to assist as readers. 

I chowed down on my quick breakfast-to-go before the workshop.

After a short break, it was on to Improv, and today we began our exploration of mask work. I. am. in. love. We each selected a mask to work with for the class and explored the physicality, emotion and sound that the mask inspired, interacting with the space and then other characters.

The masks were all hand-made and decorated (we each brought one in to contribute, and our professor had some to share) and they were all stunning. 

After improv I grabbed a quick dinner with one of my classmates and then headed to my Shakespeare rehearsal for a directing student. We're doing our final presentation of our scene from Richard III on Monday- I will be very sad to leave Elizabeth (my character) behind, but I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to work on this piece with a fabulous director and an awesome scene partner.

I was emotionally and physically spent after rehearsal, but I was DESPERATE to break in my new Brooks Ghost 3's. As I walked across campus I told myself I didn't have to decide until I was standing in front of the gym door (which is on my way to the train) if I would go in or not...

I'm very pleased with my decision!

It was a very rocky 30 mins (I have NOT been training... at all...) but these shoes run like a dream, and I'm so excited to get back into the swing over the winter break. My body misses running like a fish misses water. Fo realz, yo.

Not too bad for a Monday- how was yours?