Friday, December 2, 2011


I've been keeping it a secret, but Joe and I have talked about making a commitment to adding a new member to our family for months now. I certainly hope you don't think I'm referring to a human baby. That's a LOOOONG way off for this girl... Our bundle of joy arrived via UPS, not the stork!

It had been a looonnnnggg and emotional day at school and your girl was A MESS when she got home. In their uniquely serendipitous way, my lovers for life (currently located in Hawaii but returning to NY for Christmas) Inga and Matt had sent a mini-tissue box in the mail with a note saying "Don't Cry- We'll Be There Soon". I needed that. 

I've wanted a DSLR for a loooonnnnggg time but have struggled to justify spending the money until I felt I was really ready for the upgrade (our Canon Powershot is one of the best point & shoots around). After hemming and hawing, we decided to do our research and keep an eye on Black Friday/ Cyber Monday deals... We found an AMAZING deal on Fumfie and ended up with a Canon EOS Rebel T2i. Joe had a few questions so he called and spoke with the folks at Fumfie (located just a few nabes away from us here in Brooklyn- coincidentally) and they were super helpful and gave him great prices on some accessories (extra battery, memory card, carrying bag, etc) and threw in some extras like a card reader for free. The order was placed on Monday, and UPS tried to deliver it on Weds (but no one was home). Joe was here to receive the package yesterday and when I got home last night, it was on!


Delirious with excitement!


As is customary of my tribe, one must complete the initiation ceremony before they can call themselves a Rebel (EOS T2i, of course). 

It's very, very serious.

One must meld their body, mind and camera strap into ONE to take truly great pictures.

I think I'm ready.

Joe got the honors of being the subject of our very first DSLR photo! He was really excited.

Know this about me- I jump ALL the time. When I'm happy, when I'm mad and especially when I'm excited. Happy first jumping picture, dear sweet camera! 

I also have a pretty wild repertoire of dance moves. Seriously- ask my classmates... This is pretty normal for me.

Did you know that Joe has giant nostrils? Now you do.

Self Portrait #1! I look tired, but that's one sexy looking camera!

Our lone holiday decoration at the moment, unless you count the sparkly curtain rod ornaments that... may... possibly... still be hanging from LAST Christmas... Ahem... Cough... 

Any tips for this new and SUPER enthusiastic DSLR user?

What's the nicest gift you ever gave yourself?