Thursday, December 22, 2011

Truffles and Babies and the Theatre, OH MY!

I'm on vacation! Comin' atcha from South Bend, IN, I am happy to report that I've spent the last two days eating, relaxing, exploring with the MIL and overall, not doing a whole lot. Oh. YEAH.

I have SO much to share with you guys! This post brings it back to this past Saturday, when I attended a cookie exchange party at my beloved friend (and bridesmaid) Christina's house!

My contribution to the evening? Oreo Truffles, natch! SO EASY. And they had been a huge hit at my party a few nights before! I prepped these Friday PM after officially finishing my first semester of grad school! HUZZAH!

They're essentially fool-proof. Crush a box of oreos. Mix in an 8oz package of cream cheese. Roll and freeze for an hour.

And then decorate as you please!

I dipped the top half in white chocolate...

...and then drizzled some regular chocolate on top!

I made three batches (yielding about 35-40 per batch), so while the going was EASY, it was very time-consuming. 

Skyping with sisters helps to pass the time during tasks like these.

The following AM my 100+ truffles and I schlepped out to Jersey for the cookie exchange!

The spread was impressive! The babies agreed... 

After the party Santa rolled by on his sweet ride...

And Auntie Keelie got to spend some time with this handsome fella!

After a 2.5 hour bus ride (for a one hour trip- thank you, NJ Transit), I met up with my upstate homies, Jarred and Gen! We're all actors... can you tell?

Jarred and Gen had dinner with some friends of theirs while I recovered from my food coma and then we went Joe's final performance of his show, Vampure

What a day!

Updates on my travel adventures comin' atcha! Are you guys traveling for the holidays or staying home?