Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The End (of the Semester) Draws Near

I love misty, rainy days. There. I said it.

Especially when I have a bit of extra time on my lunch break to sit down and eat some actual food- red potatoes, steamed cabbage, tofu scramble and baked catfish. I'll take it. 

I also really love playing with my classmates. Patrick and I like to eat snacks and tell jokes and look over our homework before class.

I REALLY love presents- our Voice professor got us chocolates as a congratulations for auditions well done (sort of!)- ahhh- acting school- ALWAYS something to improve. :)

And honestly, how bad can ANY day be when you spend it with people you're obsessed with who are THIS beautiful?

After class I had what turned into a very long rehearsal. Starving and exhausted, I headed home for dinner.

Thankfully Joe had today off and whipped up a crustless broccoli quiche. So. Good.

And then.... HOMEWORK.