Friday, December 23, 2011

A Day Full of Friends!

Yep- a Christmakwanzakuh miracle. More on that later. 

I'm trying to catch you up on all the fun pre-travel shenanigans that went down last week! Here's SUNDAY!

My friends Jarred and Genevieve stayed with us Saturday evening and I had promised them delicious brunch the following AM! After bundling up (the cold finally hit NY), we headed to Tom's Restaurant in Prospect Heights. 

This place is the real deal- super old school, serving up classic diner fare and NY specialties like egg creams. 

This joint is POP-U-LAR. As in, line out the door and line once you're inside popular. But trust me, it's worth it.

The food is fantastic and the decor is a bonus! 

After waiting outside for about 20 minutes in the cold, Genevieve and I were VERY happy to be indoors!

The kitschy eclecticism on display can best be described as Applebees/ TGI Fridays meets your Grandma's house... Random, beautiful and awesome...

Aside from the Lemon Ricotta Pancakes (which Genevieve ordered- they're epic), the Cherry Lime Rickey is one of their most popular items, for good reason- so refreshing!

I went with the Harvest Pancakes- sweet corn and dried cranberry goodness. Seriously, the most beautiful, hot pillowy happy cakes I've ever snacked upon. With a side of beef salami, I was in HEAVEN. 

Later on I met up with another set of friends and we strolled to the Union Sq Holiday Market to visit my hubs at the Wafels and Dinges stand. 

I was still stuffed from my pancake earlier, so I gave my wafel to my friend Felicia. 

Her husband went off to do some shopping so she and I sat in Au Bon Pain and chatted over soup. 

Tune in tomorrow for my travel recap!