Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Quesadilla, Italian-Style

Yesterday was supposed to be Tina's (my new DSLR) big debut into the world, but I got so caught up in the excitement of being able to "dress down" for school (we have a black yoga pants, black socks and black t-shirt uniform) that I walked out the door without her! Sigh.

Fridays are one of our flex days- we technically don't have classes, but we usually have a workshop or private meetings with teachers or rehearsals. Yesterday we workshopped our monologues for today's audition (which will be used to cast the spring season). It is really a pleasure to get to watch my classmates working with our professors- I learn so much from them every day, and their feedback on my work is invaluable.

I was HANGRY when I got home around 6:30p, so I decided to whip up a quesadilla, Italian style. 

I busted open these TJ's Fire Roasted Red Peppers that I had purchased a while back and forgot about. They leave the whole pepper in tact in the jar (minus stem and seeds, natch), which I find incredibly exciting for some reason- I think I was expecting pepper strips, but NOPE- full on red pepper action.

I topped a TJ's Low Carb Mini Wheat Tortilla with a roasted red pepper and some sliced Mozzarella and shredded Asiago. I topped with another mini tortilla and cooked like a grilled cheese sandwich, pressing with a weighted lid. 

Though it would have been delicious on it's own, this meal was made EPIC with the addition of some TJ's Eggplant Garlic Spread.

Simple, sweet and savory. My kind of meal.

And NOW I'm off to get ready for my audition! I'm a little nervous, but I feel perfectly prepared and totally ready! I'm DEFINITELY bringing Tina today in hopes of snapping some shots of my gorgeous classmates in their audition gear!

Have you been preparing for anything lately? Anything coming up that you're nervous/ excited about?