Monday, October 10, 2011


Joe and I had a surprise-last-minute Sunday AM together with nothing planned. SCORE!

Joe took advantage of the occasion to make roll-ups: one of his childhood favorites- the men in his family pass the recipe from generation to generation adding an ingredient as they go!
 Although I'm strictly forbidden from sharing the recipe, I can say that they're very similar to Danish crepes/ pancakes. They're a once-in-a-while treat and we usually enjoy them when we visit his family in Indiana (his dad makes them) or if we find ourselves with a surprise AM off- last time it was because we had a surprise snow day!

 Our toppings du jour were varied- the highlight was caramelized apples! Notice a theme? I've had apples EVERY. FRIGGIN. DAY. since we went on our apple picking adventure- you've got to get creative when trying to use up a half-bushel in a 2 person household. 

 Joe slathered his roll-up in the most calorie-dense item on the table, as is tradition. 

 I stuffed mine with the apples! Yum! (P.S. Don't judge me for my bedhead.)

After breakfast we did some household chores. Remember those beautiful flowers I was so pleasantly surprised to see blossoming near my door? Well whatever they are, they've become a rampant nesting ground for a hoard of the nastiest mosquito/fly/gnat creatures on earth, so they had to go. 

After mass murdering pruning our entryway, Joe and I headed to Brighton Beach so I could get some images and do a sample workout for my upcoming article on Brokelyn about the best free outdoor workout venues in the borough! 

I'll post a link to the article when it's gone live, but for now, enjoy these previews!


Barre work while making a turd face. P.S. I swear my plies DO NOT look like this- ankle behind knee much?

Cooling off in the ocean post-workout!

Hitting some of my favorite fruit shops on Brighton Beach Ave!

We didn't get home until almost 5p and realized we hadn't eaten since breakfast. Leftovers to the rescue! Basmati, saag paneer and chickpeas! AWWWYYYYEEAAAHHH.

Since our meals were so oddly spaced, we noshed on a snack plate before bed! Apples, crackers, croutons, edamame hummus, lentil hummus and some dry salami leftover from the potluck. 

Did you notice anything different in my workout pics? *Hint- I never. Ever. Ever. wear sunglasses while I workout- I get wild and crazy when I sweat and they usually bounce around on/ fall off of my face and aggravate me to no end.... until now!

Sunglass Warehouse generously offered to allow me to pick a style off their website to try. I knew I wanted something sporty for my outdoor runs so I selected Sport Style #1948 with red frames. 
 These glasses are lightweight, extremely comfortable and very functional. The wraparound style blocks sun from almost every angle and they hug my head perfectly without being too tight. They stayed put on my face during plyometrics, strength training and running. Impressive. 

The folks at Sunglass Warehouse want you to pick a pair, too! They have everything from fashion shades to sport sunglasses and sunglasses for kids. One lucky reader will receive a $20 gift certificate to spend at's website (almost all styles are $20 or under). 

Ways to enter (leave a separate comment for each- do as few or as many as you'd like):

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- Like the Sweat Equals Success Facebook Page
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-Twitter follow @keeliesheridan and @sunglasswarehse and tweet about the giveaway!
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Entries will be accepted until midnight on Sunday, October 16th. I'll announce the winner on Monday, October 17th. Open only to US Residents (at Sunglass Warehouse's request). 

**Disclaimer- Sunglass Hut provided me with a pair of sunglasses to review and a gift certificate to give to a reader at no cost to me. I was not otherwise compensated for this review- the opinions expressed here are my own.