Sunday, October 2, 2011

RE-WIND: Friday Night

WARNING: Extreme girly-ness ahead. Feel free to scroll to the food pics at the bottom if shopping's not your thang...

After the Diabetes Co-Stars Cookoff, Aaron and I strolled downtown to do some shopping. I was looking for a cute dress to wear Thursday PM to receive my Friars' Foundation Scholarship in. You may have heard of their Celebrity Roasts? They awarded me a performing arts scholarship to help pay for my MFA Acting degree! Wahoo! I'll be accepting the scholarship AND performing a piece from my one-woman show. Nervous much?

The finalists: 

Though I didn't end up with this one, I might have to go back and get it. I LOVE the color, the shape and the pricetag- $22- WHAT?! :)

 I go crazy for detailed backs! So pretty!

Oh HAI there, cutouts. I also loved this color- I need more navy in my life! :)

I adored this dress- it reminded me of several dance costumes I've had. But HOW ON EARTH does one wear a bra with this thing? It's cut down low in the back... I've seen way too many wardrobe malfunctions to think that I'd get away with this dress without flashing someone... Suggestions?


 This hot little number from Urban Outfitters- ON SALE FOR $26!!!

It's a bit baggy, but I'm going to try to work my safety pin magic and then have my mom take it in when I see her next... Ahem... Mom? cough, cough...

Fun fact- the most expensive of these dresses cost $33- the cheapest was $22. OH. YEAH.

When I got home I was STARVING- I had completely forgotten to eat amidst all the shopping craziness. Oops!


I adore the Laughing Cow Light Cheese Wedges. What's your favorite flavor?

Joe had a late rehearsal (his show opens next week), but I knew he was borrowing his bosses' car afterwards, so I waited for him to get home to have dinner (and accidentally fell asleep while doing homework)...

Joe surprised me by showing up at almost midnight with THIS!

 My. Favorite. Pizza. On. The. Planet. Thick, doughy sicilian- no one does it better than LB Spumoni Gardens! The fact that they've been in business since 1939 should prove that they're doing something right... And by something, I mean everything...

Joe also picked up some ices/ ice-cream: another of their specialties...

Husband brownie points jackpot!

Stay tuned for a recap of our Apple Picking Adventure later today! :)