Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lunch at Press 195 and Theatre Dept. Fun!

On Friday morning, I had the opportunity to attend a talkback with Joel Zwick- Brooklyn College Alum and pretty darn famous director of Laverne & Shirley, Full House, Step By Step, Fat Albert and My Big Fat Greek Wedding, to name a few! He was so entertaining and informative to listen to! Thanks for stopping by!

After the talk, Joe and my mom swung by the campus to pick me up and we headed to Press 195 for lunch!  
My husband, the self-professed sandwich snob. 

Hooray for moms! Mine came by for the weekend to visit- I haven't seen her in months! 

We headed to their Park Slope location at around 4p on a Friday. 

The original!

The menu was overwhelming in a really wonderful way, and it even appealed to my mom, who has the palate of a 7-year old likes simple flavors. We sat for several minutes attempting to make sense of the impressive list of beautiful flavor combos- I can imagine this part would take some people a VERY long time. 

Once we decided, service was pretty snappy. 

We got a large order of Belgian Fries for the table to share. Flavor-wise, these were pretty delicious, but by textural standards I was a bit disappointed- they were soft and soggy- generally Belgian fries should be crispy on the outside (because of the double frying) and soft on the inside. 

My mom ordered the Meatloaf Knish and was quite pleased- the meatloaf itself was wonderful, topped with Vermont Cheddar and a delicious (if slightly salty) gravy. Pressing a sandwich in a knish is nothing short of genius. Thumbs up. 

Joe ordered the #13- sliced tomato, fresh mozzarella, basil and Press 195's pure maple syrup basil pesto with prosciutto. This was a really fresh and clean tasting sandwich and the maple syrup basil pesto is as amazing as it sounds. 

The showstopper of the afternoon was, unanimously, my #21- turkey and Fontina cheese with cranberry and roasted pear chutney. This sandwich is THE BOSS. The chutney would taste good on ANYTHING, but it melded perfectly with the mild and creamy Fontina and sliced turkey. Joe proclaimed this sandwich "the best sandwich on earth" and tried in vain to get me to trade halvsies with him. His sandwich was great, but mine was momentous. Sorry, Joe. 

After lunch I headed back to Brooklyn College to set up for the opening night of In the Next Room, or The Vibrator Play. We sold concessions to fund raise for the Showcase at the end of the year. 

Would you like some candy? Myself looking crazy with EJ (undergrad actor) and Jonny- a fellow MFA Actor. 

We're also selling raffle tickets for the Complexions Ballet Season and tickets to see King Lear at the Public. Tickets are $5- email me if you'd like to buy one!  

The seller of the tickets must wear the pink cowboy hat. Aaron won that honor. 

Hooray Graduate Theatre kids! From L to R- Jonathan (1st year MFA Director), Aaron, Myself and Jonny (1st year MFA Actors). 

After the show, the Graduate Theatre Organization Sponsored an opening night reception, which went quite well! Congratulations to the cast for a fantastic opening night!