Sunday, October 23, 2011

Vegetable Stir Fry-urry (aka- A Guest Post from My Husband)!

In general, domestic tasks are pretty balanced in my household. Dishes, laundry, cooking, grocery shopping and cleaning are pretty much always team-efforts. Of course, there are times when one of us is completely overwhelmed and the other steps in- lately, because of school-related craziness, Joe has picked up my slack in the kitchen, often cooking while I finish homework. 

Many of our friends are surprised to learn that Joe's actually a pretty damn good cook. I like to think I had a little something to do with that- his culinary skills have improved greatly since we first met and at my insistence, he's become a much more nutritionally aware chef. It is for these reasons that I feel comfortable handing him the reigns for tonight's coincidentally vegan and GF (I think) guest-post! Enjoy! 

Hello Keelie’s blog aficionados! Tis I, The Hubs of the aforementioned Keelie. Tonight I cooked dinner and have been asked to blog about said dinner. This dinner started with me glancing in our cabinets, only to realize there were things in there that hadn’t been thought of since the CW had good programming (that is to say never).

So, let’s get to it!

I shall call it...Vegetable Stir Fry-urry

-1 Cup Instant Brown Rice
-1 Can (13.5 oz) Coconut Milk bought when Bush was still president (Sr?)
-2 Portabella Mushrooms
-1 Can (8 oz) Sliced Bamboo Shoots purchased while listening to the newest ‘NSYNC album
-1 Can (20 oz) Sliced Pineapple gotten while gas prices were hovering around a dollar
-1 Zucchini
-1 Yellow Squash
-1 Red Pepper
-1 Tsp Curry Powder
-1 Tsp Cinnamon
-1 Tsp Garlic Powder
-1 Tsp Paprika
-1 Tsp Cumin
-Salt & Pepper to Taste
-What Keelie will say is too much olive oil

1. Make the instant brown rice according to the package.

2. Add the coconut milk to the rice, bring to a boil and reduce to simmer. Stir often. Do this until creamy and rice puddingish.

3. Add all the spices (to tell you the truth, I didn’t really measure out all the spices. Be creative!)

4. Stir fry the veggies, bamboo shoots and pineapple in a separate pan with some oil. (Do the mushrooms separately if you have a partner that doesn’t like mushrooms, like mine).

5. Put the creamy rice curry in bowls.
6. Heap stir fried veggies over rice.

7. Eat the crap out of your Vegetable Stir Fry-urry!

That’s it folks. Hope you all enjoy the recipe. Also, I hope you all delve into the depths of your pantries and discover strange things bought as an impulse purchase back when The Sopranos was still on the air and use it now to make dinner. YAY!