Tuesday, October 4, 2011

AM Eats

Mondays are Improv days! And theoretically sleep-in days, as class doesn't start until 1:30p, but this girl had (and still has) a mountain of homework to tackle, so I was up early anyways. Breakfast was... pizza. I don't want to talk about it. Not one of my finest moments, but in other news, there is now NO MORE DELICIOUS PIZZA in my fridge! My body is happy.  

As I headed out the door for class, I whipped up iced coffee #2 to go in my iced coffee travel cup, compliments of one of my most favorite friends, Inga, who lives in Hawaii!

Don't let her exotic beauty fool  you- she's a NYer, born and raised. And she's 1/2 German. Hence the "Inga".  
 A snapshot of us from our pageant days, doing what we do best- being obsessed with each other. Do you find it ironic that I'm sucking down an iced coffee in this picture? I do. 

I chowed down on another apple from my apple picking adventure.

I saw this flower on my way to school and had to take a picture! THE COLOR! AHHHHHH!

I've been feeling pretty crappy lately, so I came home and did homework/ passed out last night. I honestly don't even remember what I ate... 

This morning, I was STARVING when I woke up! I snacked on these babies while prepping some breakfast!

Protein Banana Pumpkin Pancakes... Sort of... A mild kitchen fail, but it still tasted pretty darn great! Recipe to follow (once I figure out where I went wrong and fix it)!

Back to homework for this girl and then another Shakespeare rehearsal this afternoon! 

Any successful or not-so-successful kitchen attempts recently?