Monday, October 3, 2011

Shakespeare Sunday!

Could the weather be any more gorgeous? Yesterday was darn near perfect for me! 

These beauties greet me when I open my door- I have no idea what they are, but they've sprung up seemingly overnight, and I love them! 

I rolled out of bed yesterday AM not feeling too well (residual from my super fun day in the great outdoors  without a sweater, methinks...). Shakespeare rehearsal called, though, so I threw on some clothes and grabbed a quick/ delicious breakfast!

 A giant Mutsu apple from yesterday's apple picking extravaganza and a Luna Protein bar! Me likey. 

We were meeting in my director's apartment- he lives in Prospect Heights near the gorgeous Grand Army Plaza. I arrived in the nabe a bit early so I found a beautiful spot to do a little prep work with my script. 

Who could ask for anything more? I busted out my Arden and got to work!

We're working on a scene from Richard III between Richard and Queen Elizabeth (that's me!). I'm thrilled to be working on this piece, not only because Shakespeare is my illicit lover (Joe is aware), but Elizabeth is a role I've never worked on before (I'm traditionally a bit too young to be playing her, but since it's for class, we get to stretch it a bit).  
Oh snap- it's my serious face.  

When the time rolled around, I headed over to my director's apt and met up with my classmate Patrick (seen here at our beach adventure) who is playing Richard. We picked up where we left off at our last rehearsal, digging through the text line-by-line, looking up alternate meanings and getting a feel for all of the possibilities within the scene. I am stoked to be playing Elizabeth- there is so much going on in this scene and she is one smart, witty and powerful woman. Watch out!

Being fed by your director is awesome. Being fed fresh pita from the farmer's market and homemade hummus is THE BEST. 

He even gave us cookies for the road! Fudgy, salty and vegan! YES!

And then... I came home and entered homework hibernation, where I am currently. Improv class at 1:30! Wahoo! 

Do you like Shakespeare? Did you ever have to read him in school? What play? Did you have a good or bad experience?