Monday, October 17, 2011

Dinner at Bedouin Tent, Groceries and Giveaway Winner!

One of the best parts of Mom visits (aside from getting to see her, OF COURSE!) are the treats! Someone reads my blog... :) Crystal Light, Newman's Own Vanilla Caramel Coffee (Fair Trade Certified), Madhava Agave and Once Again Sunflower Seed Butter! Hooray! 

Saturday was another run-around-crazy school day. I whipped up a pumpkin pie smoothie while getting ready- canned pumpkin + greek yogurt + cinnamon + vanilla protein + ice + water + liquid stevia. Blend and top with granola! YUM!

My mom and I headed to campus- I got her tickets to see In the Next Room or The Vibrator Play while I attended my rehearsals for Shakespeare's Richard III and a reading of personal letters to Brooklyn College Alum and former Harvard Professor/ playwright William Alfred. 

After rehearsals and the show, my mom and I headed up Flatbush and then across Atlantic to one of my favorite spots, Bedouin Tent

Picky eater Mama-Pajama suggested this place- I'm not sure where she heard about it, but I was happy she was willing to go- I've been many times! 

The restaurant itself is small, cozy and bright with a nice outdoor seating area for warm weather. 

We decided to go with the Pitzas (pita bread pizza). 

Mom got tomato and cheese with peppers and onions... Not terribly exotic, but quite good. 

I went with my old standby- the Lambajin- ground lamb, onions and spices. OH. BABY. Sweet and savory and delicate and warm and juicy and wonderful. 

Can you tell I'm excited? I order the Lambagin Pitza every.single.time. It will never get old!

Yesterday was another school-centric day- I rehearsed for an upcoming reading of Kim Davies' new play Maidenhead. I am so stoked about this reading- the play is phenomenal, the cast is exceptional and we're working with the fabulous Welker White as our director! 

Here's the announcement from the theatre dept- if you're in the NYC area and free on Friday afternoon- please come! I'm IN LOVE with this play, especially the character Angela Johnson, who I'll be reading!

The Brooklyn College Department of Theater, in association with Mac Wellman, Erin Courtney and the Graduate Playwriting Department, cordially invites you to a reading of "The Maidenhead" by MFA candidate K. Davies, the first installment in our monthly play-in-progress reading series.

In a feudal, alternate-universe United States, high-school prom queen Angela Johnson is a vestal virgin gone rogue, dragging her gay bestie and her father's AmEx to the big bad city and throwing them all into high-stakes crime.  Nothing is sacred when you're sharp, subtle, and a shapely seventeen, and schoolgirl Angela knows how to play for keeps.  If beauty is fleeting and virginity is a woman's treasure, she'll buy low, sell high, and take her payment in unmarked bills.  But even when the future seems most certain, Angela can't escape her past.  In K. Davies's sharp new satire, sex sells, winner takes all, and nobody comes out clean.

This reading of "The Maidenhead" is on Friday, October 21 at 2:30 PM in Roosevelt Extension 307.  Directed by MFA directing alumnus, Welker White, curated by Andy Buck, an MA candidate in Theater History, with design consultation by MFA Design candidate, Tatsuki Nakamura, the cast includes current students and acting alumni Emmanuel Elpenord, Paula Jon deRose, Michael Colby Jones, Jonathon Maldonado, Aaron Mednick, Mervyn Morris, Jeremy Ping, Keelie Sheridan, and Darius Stone.  

Please join us to kick of this exciting collaboration with the Playwriting Department, and to support the development of a unique new voice in contemporary American Theater. 

The sun was setting as I walked home to a pile of homework, a sink full of dishes, a phone conference and a TON of laundry to do,  but I was reminded of how very lucky I am to be so very busy doing something I love. 

And last but certainly not least, THE RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR HAS SPOKEN!

Congratulations, Christina! You'll be receiving your gift certificate soon!