Thursday, October 6, 2011


HOLY FAST POST! I'm running out the door- today I have Voice class, Speech class and Kinetics class and then I'm running into Manhattan to perform an excerpt from my one-woman show and accept a scholarship award from the Friar's Foundation. Aggghhh! Excited and nervous...

Yesterday was yummy! See my B(reakfast)- L(unch)- D(inner) recap below!

 An apple, a TJ's Fiberful Fruit Strip and a Cliff Mojo Peanutbutter Pretzel (OH-EM-GEE yum). On the subway on my way to school, because that's how I roll.
 Sweet potato chips from TJ's with TJ's Lentil Masala Dip (like lentil hummus- SO GOOD), another apple, a string cheese and another Fiberful Fruit Strip, plus an iced coffee and an Emergen-C, thanks to my classmate Aaron, who brought me one because I've been feeling crappy- what a guy.

 For dinner Joe fixed us some TJ's Pork Gyoza (YESSSSSSSSSSSS) and edamame with olive oil, garlic powder and pepper. Mmmmmm....

And I'm off! Have a great day, frienders! Recaps from my exciting week tomorrow!

Don't forget to holla at me if you'd like to join us for the next NYC Blogger Playdate on Sunday 9/23!