Sunday, October 30, 2011

Out and About

Catch up time! Annnndddd.... GO!

Thursday evening after class Joe and I headed to the Atlantic Terminal Applebees to support the Miss Brooklyn Scholarship Program (I was Miss Brooklyn 2009)- it was great to meet some of the contestants and catch up with pageant pals! 
 From L to R- Amaris (Southern NY Field Director of the Miss NY Org), Brittney (Miss Brooklyn's Outstanding Teen 2011), Nekia (a 2012 contestant), myself and Chrissy (Executive Director of the Miss Brooklyn Organization). 

Friday I paid a surprise visit to my former students! It was a pretty beautiful reunion- I miss these kids more than I can express. They were having a Halloween party so I got to see some of their costumes!

Miss Keelie misses you all!!!!

Later that evening, Joe and I were starving and NOT in the mood for cooking. We headed over to Bay Pizzeria for some slices. The regular slice is your standard, delicious Brooklyn pizza.

The BEST part of Bay Pizzeria, in my opinion, is this heavy hitter- the Baked Ziti slice. 

Great. Googly. Moogly. 

 Despite it not being heated all the way through (sad face), this baby was pretty darn delicious. 

Craving some sweets, Joe and I headed to the Chinese bakery on Sheepshead Bay Rd. for some dessert!

Joe got a Cream Bun- spongy mild goodness. 

 I loved on a Sweet Cream filled pastry. Chewy dough plumped with a mild vanilla-y custard. One day I will explain the full depth of my love-affair with Chinese bakeries. It will take an entire post. Or two.

What treats have you enjoyed this weekend?