Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Across the US (and the Pacific, too)...

Breakfast at the airport! 

We got to sleep in a bit, but last-minute packing meant we had to grab meals on the go... I got an egg sandwich that was... unremarkable.

The pigeons that chill out INSIDE JFK airport were very interested in my mediocre breakfast sandwich... 

We got through security and to our gate without a hitch and settled into the first leg of our journey- JFK -> LAX. We flew over the Grand Canyon- the first time I've ever seen it! Even from thousands and thousands of feet up, it was stunning...

Pickings were slim for dinner at LAX, as we didn't really have time to leave our terminal. This sandwich/ salad combo was obscenely over-priced but better than the other fast-food alternatives...

I slept a little between LAX and HNL. We were thrilled to have landed a few minutes early, but ended up stranded IN the airplane for an hour because of a faulty jet-way. We were finally towed to another gate where we were able to deplane and Joe and I were reunited with our friends, Matt and Inga!  After grabbing our luggage and getting lei'd, we hopped in a cab, which promptly got pulled over for speeding. Awesomesauce. 

This view made all of our delays worth dealing with.
 Honolulu at night, as seen from Matt & Inga's lanai.


Our digs for the week- an open air bed with an incredible view. Heaven!

We spent today catching up, eating delicious food and playing around Waikiki. Look for updates in the AM!