Monday, January 9, 2012

Travel Plans and an Ear-ache...

Today and yesterday were pretty quiet, so I'll start you off with some exciting news- I'm going to Vietnam at the end of May! The hubs and I will be gone for two weeks, and we'll backpack from Ho Chi Mihn City to Hanoi and back! I'm literally dying with excitement- Vietnam is stunning and so. friggin. cheap. (airfare aside, and even that wasn't too bad- let's just say it's cheaper to fly to Vietnam than Hawaii most of the time!) 

On my MUST visit list:

Ha Long Bay

Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre- Hanoi


And... a TON more! What am I missing? Have any of you ever been? Suggestions?

Needless to say, I'll be daydreaming about Vietnam for the next five months, but in the meantime, there's the HAWAII trip I'm taking on Monday (one of my BFFs lives in Honolulu, so we're crashing with her)!

And then, there's every day life, which is not necessarily as exciting, but is pretty wonderful, especially when food is involved. :)

Yesterday morning's smoothie put a smile on my face! 

 I'm LOVING Silk's Almond Milk! I'm a die-hard soy fan, but this works as a really fantastic low-cal smoothie base. 

 Just add a banana, some bloobs, protein, green powder, some flax and ice and...

 BAM. Goooood morning.

As I previously mentioned, I attended an acting workshop yesterday with the Magis Theatre Company. It was a Guest Training, and we did some Michael Chekhov, Pilates, Alexander and other physical theatre exercises. It was really enjoyable!

Today was spent working on my residency application for the Blue Sky Project. I would LOVE to do a residency with them- their model is quite unique. They partner artists with 8-10 high school students and allow the groups to collaborate for 8 weeks on a project of the artists' choosing. It serves as an extension of one's own practice, but with the resource of having a handful of high school students to contribute to your work. It's not  teaching, which will be different for me, but I think this platform will really serve a project I'm working on. Details forthcoming, but keep your fingers crossed- they only pick 5 artists for the summer!

I took a break for a quick 4 miles and since it was around 40F I decided to head outside instead of the 45 minute commute to my school to use the gym. I warmed up and my first mile was SOLID, but around 1.2 miles in I got severe aching pains in both of my ears. So. Weird. And painful- I actually stopped running, and almost stopped walking. It was incredibly overwhelming, but after walking for about 10 mins the pain went away. I took out my earbuds (which I listen to on incredibly low volume) and covered my ears with my Bondi Band (not a cold weather ear-warmer, just a sweat-wicker/ flyaway tamer) and ran the remaining 2.8 miles without incident. Has anyone had a similar experience? I'm so confused. I'm not sick, it wasn't that cold...

 Joe and I enjoyed a simple but tasty breakfast-for-dinner; whole grain english muffin and a veggie scramble!

Fancy condiments make EVERYTHING more intriguing.

Speaking of that residency, I need to get back to my application!

I'll leave you with a little Einstein- this quote really resonates with me.