Thursday, January 12, 2012

Challenge Accepted and a Progress Report!

My Fitfluential family has been bouncing around a Handstand Challenge and this morning, I was tagged by my girl Heidi from Banana Buzz Bomb! I NEVER back down from a challenge. :)

I passed the sass along to Toni at Running, Loving, Living, Katelyn at Chef Katelyn and Hank at Business of Losing Weight. Check out my YouTube Channel to see their responses!

After practicing my headstands, I threw in some jumprope, kettlebell and resistance band fun. It was gross outside, but I worked up a nice sweat in my living room!

I posted previously about overindulging over the holidays and challenging myself to shape up before visiting friends in Honolulu on the 16th. I'm doing pretty well! Check out my week 2 stats:

130lbs-(started at 133)

Working on getting my guns back...

Trying to find some oblique lines (a little? maybe? sort of?)...

And doing the "I'm going to Hawaii on Monday" happy dance!


...And then my husband brought this home for dinner...

Ahhh... the benefits (and detriments) of having a husband working in the food truck business.... Korilla BBQ and a Corn Wafel from Wafels and Dinges. Sweet. Delicious. Perfection. When these trucks park next to each other, it's sort of like a food truck lunar eclipse. Visit both. Combine your finds. Let your taste buds rejoice. 

Guess I'll be running a few extra miles tomorrow! :)