Thursday, January 5, 2012


I have so much to tell you all! Soooonnnn....

But first, a quick tribute to one of my FAVORITE clean-eating joints in Brooklyn- the fabulous NECTAR of Cobble Hill! 

Joe and I met here earlier this week for lunch. I came straight from a 4 mile run and CRAZY glutes/ hammies workout, so I was ready to EAT, without undoing all the hard work I had just done. 

We started with an apple, celery, carrot and spinach juice to share. This is one of my favorite combos- so light, clean and fresh tasting!

Though not terribly huge, the menu is overwhelming given the knowledge that every single item sounds like something I want to eat. 

The fruit on the walls made me want another juice, but I held tight and made my food selection. 

An egg-white, avocado, tomato and caramelized onion wrap. Holy. friggin. moly. The caramelized onions really  make this dish- so cohesive, so sweet and savory, so filling.

The hubs got a peanutbutter, banana and walnut grilled sandwich. We did halvsies. This was also quite satisfying, but in a gooey, creamy way that only peanut butter can accomplish, perfectly contrasted with the crunchy toast. 

Our juice and meals for two totaled $15 and we left satisfied! Give nectar a try the next time you're in Cobble Hill! (But know that there is seating for approximately 5 people, so you may have to get it to-go. It's worth it, trust me).