Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hawaii Day 1: Honolulu, Waikiki

We. are. in. heaven. 
Looking out from the lanai where we slept, these are the views. 

Matt and Inga's cat, Jingles, appreciates the scenery as much as I do, I think...

I was up with the sun, but this fellow was a bit jet-lagged.

Homemade iced coffee! This is one of the reasons we're friends...

Since all four of us had spent the previous day traveling, we were desperate for some sunlight and good food!

So we strolled to Waikiki for a breakfast of beastly proportions. Helloooooooooo Mac 24 7!

The Mac Daddy Pancake Challenge- three 14 inch pancakes and a pound of toppings. We selected the Elvis. 

Excited AND skeptical...

Matt and Inga knew what we were in for...

Neither photos nor words can do the enormousness of this dish justice. It is, quite literally, the largest quantity of food I have ever seen on one plate.. 

We all took turns hacking the giant into four pieces...

Our individual portions were still mammoth. That, my friends, is a dinner plate.

Joe tagged out first. 

Matt COMPLETELY finished his portion... Like a boss.

After breakfast, we happily waddled over to Waikiki Beach to burn some calories. 

I cooled down with some iced coffee from Honolulu Coffee roasters. 

The walk home along the canal was gorgeous. 

Back at home, we were warmly greeted by the most beautiful cat on the planet.

Blogging on location! And what a location it is...

After resting at home for a bit, we strolled over to the Rainbow Drive-In

Hawaiian plate lunches are their speciality. Holy yum. I got the mixed plate- ahi katsu, chicken and BBQ steak, with rice and macaroni salad. AWWWWW YEAH. I'll confess that I have away my mac salad because I have a strong aversion to mayonnaise, but everything else was DELISH!

We were notably full at this point, but dessert called, in the form of malasadas. Leonard's is famous for them.

Malasadas are warm, sugar covered puff pastries, served with or without fillings. 

So habit-forming.

Day 1 in Hawaii- success! Stay tuned for more recaps! :)