Tuesday, January 31, 2012

And Now, Back to our Regularly Scheduled Programming


Ahh... now I feel better. :)

Today is the first day of my second semester of grad school. I cannot believe at the end of this semester I'll be halfway through my graduate degree! Ayayayayya!

I thought I'd catch you up on the past week, as I've been preoccupied with recaps from Hawaii and the NYC Blogger Playdate!

GROCERIES. I know. They excite me too!

Joe and I haven't bought meat in almost six months. Neither of us are vegetarians in theory, though our diets usually flop between vegetarian and vegan when we prepare food for ourselves at home. Joe made an announcement a few months back that he didn't want to buy any meat unless it was hormone free and cage-free/ humanely raised. I complied, but this meant that the meat we were  allowed to buy was usually a lot more than I was willing to pay, so we came home without meat week after week. I really didn't miss it, but when these cage-free, hormone-free, vegetarian cuts went on sale, we stocked up and popped them in the freezer. We eat meat so infrequently now that they'll probably last us the entire semester, but I'm ok with that.

I baked some drumsticks, glazing them with some TJ's Fig Butter and served with sweet potatoes and broccoli. A much needed detox after our delicious but RICH week of Hawaiian fare.  

Continuing on with the clean eats, Joe whipped up some bangin' chocolate oatmeal protein pancakes. I need to force him to write out the recipe. I'm pretty sure it's simple, and these babies were sooooo gooood. 

Most of this week has been spent locked in my house, doing homework and prepping for the first week of school. 

I was VERY ready for a night out on Sunday.

My upstairs neighbor, Nicole, invited us to sushi, and I couldn't refuse! We went to Chikurin to grab a few rolls. 

On our way home, we grabbed some boba tea! :) Mmmm.

After begging and begging and begging, Joe finally brought me Wafels & Dinges' special wafel of the month- mascarpone cheese with strawberries and crumbled biscoff cookies! :)

I particularly love it when he stops at the farmer's market on his way home. Blue potatoes, goat cheese and rosemary on a focaccia? Yes, please. 

On the fitness front, I've been doing some Daily Burn workouts, throwing around the kettlebells and going for a few short, easy runs. My back has been a bit tight, and I've been away from training, so I'm trying to ease myself back into things. 

AND NOW- off to school! I have a meeting this afternoon followed by a Speech class! Wahoo! :)