Sunday, January 29, 2012

NYC Blogger Playdate- January 2012- Kettlebell Kickboxing and Buddha Bodai

I feel like I've been run over by a truck, in the best way possible. My EVERYTHING is sore. And happy.

Kettlebell Kickboxing very graciously offered the NYC Bloggers a free, private class to experience owner Dasha Libin's exciting and comprehensive new fitness fusion. 

From their website:

Kettlebell Kickboxing™ is a one-of-a-kind FEMALE only method developed by fitness & martial art expert Dasha Libin, MS,NASM-PES, NASE. Kettlebell Kickboxing™ redefines the body by combining the sleek and deadly motions of Muay Thai with the power and strength of Russian kettlebell training, creating a NON-impact 60 minute total body scorching class. Burn 1,000 calories – getting Long & Lean at the same time.

This high intensity workout combines classic kettlebell moves with kickboxing, martial arts and self-defense movements, broken up by plyometric bursts and a KILLER floor series that focuses on the core. 

Kettlebell work focuses on complex movements involving large groups of big and small muscles, challenging stability, balance, strength and cardiovascular endurance. The addition of kickboxing gives more dynamic and explosive options, keeping your body guessing and constantly engaged!

I have a history with kettlebells, so most of the moves felt pretty natural for me. Our instructors were very good at giving specific and easy-to-follow direction to help those without KB experience. We were all happy pools of sweat on the floor at the end! :) This workout leaves no muscle untouched!

Our gorgeous, strong and sexy group! 

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@RebeRoad - REBEats
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Thank you so much, Dasha, for having us! I will DEFINITELY be back for more! :)

Kettlebell Kickboxing has a DVD coming out soon- join their mailing list for updates!

By sheer coincidence, I had planned the January Blogger Playdate in Chinatown during Chinese New Year. 

The streets were full of revelers!

Trudging through the throngs of people to get to our restaurant was a workout in itself!

It's the year of the dragon!

I would NOT want to be the person who has to clean all of this up...

Our party of 7 settled in to a table at Buddha Bodai immediately- they very graciously accommodated us, even though we didn't have a reservation.

This vegetarian restaurant has a trillion options! Their menu is huge and everything looks delicious!

I got the steamed veggie dumplings (I'm a dumpling freak)!

I also ordered a bowl of Curried Vegetable Noodle Soup.

From L to R: Myself, Toni, Ashley, Aubrie, Colleen, Meredith and Erika.

(Fun Fact- there are four Fitfluential Ambassadors in this picture including myself, and three of us are wearing our awesome Sparkly Soul headbands- giveaway coming soon!)

The NYC Blogger Playdates keep getting bigger and more exciting! I'm so grateful to everyone who helps make them a success! Email or Tweet me for details on our next event!

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